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What is Body Alignment?

Body Alignment refers to the ideal anatomical alignment of the skeletal system – and it starts at the feet. With an optimal Body Alignment, your muscles do their best work, resulting in less stress, reduced risk, and improved comfort and performance.

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What Foot Type Are You?

Foot type is important, but it only scratches the surface of what we need to know about your feet. With 1/4 of all the bones in the human body in your feet, we think it’s crazy to divide all of the feet on earth into 3 categories.

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Ache & Pain Solutions

Many of the aches and pains people endure all over their body can be attributed to improper foot alignment, gait and ill-fitting shoes. If you know of a specific ailment that you suffer from, check out our solutions to help you manage it.

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AO3 Criteria

As experts in footwear construction, we carefully consider the structure and mechanics of this season’s hottest designer footwear according to our AO3 Criteria. The integrity of our footwear lies especially in how we select each model. Not all shoes are created equal.

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Body Align Lab 5 Steps To Your Perfect Fit

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Brace Yourself For Better Days

Suffering from recurrent ankle sprains, patellofemoral pain, or osteoarthritis? It’s possible that a brace can help. We can custom measure and fit your brace to remedy various knee and lower limb ailments.

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Leg Up On Compression Wear

We carry compression socks, tights and leggings that not only help relieve swollen feet, ankles, and legs, but look good enough to wear on a night out on the town. We can help you get fitted and look fantastic.

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