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Our 'Why'

We integrate the realms of health, spa and fashion, breaking down barriers to help you define yourself. You deserve to begin each step of the day feeling empowered, healthy and living an

Our 'Why'– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga

Align Custom Fit is a clinic that focuses on feet as the foundation of healthy movement, employing a unique approach. We provide the only retail curation of healthy, trending footwear, a medical footcare spa, and a whole-body assessment to design a tiny slip in your shoes. Called Align Orthotics™, these act like a trainer in your shoe, altering the way you move to guide you toward a healthier, more aligned lifestyle. Align emphasizes a whole-body approach to foot health, striving for true well-being and a healthy, strong, and resilient physique.

The Aligned Life method achieves this by focusing on alignment, mindset, fascia, and intrinsic muscles. The incredible results from thousands of individuals speak for themselves. We aim to educate clients through two-way learning sessions that complement their custom-fit footwear and medical pedicure treatments. By moving better aligned, we inspire, nourish, and empower individuals, forming the foundation of the broader concept of the Aligned Life.

Living an aligned life goes beyond physical alignment; it's a mindset rooted in our core values. From our founders to our team, clients, and the world beyond us, it's ingrained in our culture.

Our 'Why'– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga

What does the Aligned Life mean to us, and why are we committed to it?

Our shared belief is that feet are vitally important to your ability to move at your best. We want to empower more people with a better baseline knowledge of their bodies, helping them find their neutral, their center of gravity. We guide bodies into biomechanical alignment, understanding the musculoskeletal system holistically. This empowers individuals to strengthen and align, addressing the root cause rather than the symptoms. By starting from the feet up, we promote better movement, comfort, and style, fostering a more active, healthier, and enjoyable aligned life.

Aligned life, as a concept, means aligning with what is deemed most important. At Align, it's the ability to move healthily for a more enjoyable life. It involves considering a person as a whole, in mind, body, and spirit. We aim to motivate, educate, and guide individuals toward an aligned life. We're dedicated to the aligned life, not just for foot health but as a mentality that goes well beyond. Beyond our core services, the Aligned Life extends into wellness accessories, educational experiences, yoga and movement classes, and social events.

The Aligned Life is for those who align with:

  • Aspiration for health consciousness and wellness
  • Enjoyment of movement and activities they love
  • Desire to proactively support, strengthen, and heal their bodies
  • Those on a self-care journey open to improvement in healthy fashion choices

When someone becomes an Align client, we witness results such as:

  • Pain reduction in the back, hips, knees, legs, and feet
  • Increased endurance and reduced fatigue throughout the day
  • Improved shoe-fitting experience
  • Informed parenting decisions for children's changing and growing feet
  • Greater enjoyment of being barefoot
  • Increased confidence and strength in daily movement
  • A proactive mindset extending to a broader aligned life journey

We Make It Personal: Align Clinicians and Client Experience Team are here to be your lifestyle coaches for sustainable foot health. Align clients benefit from:

  • Understanding how the body is functioning and identifying misalignments
  • A personalized whole-body assessment for a curated selection of healthy footwear
  • Expert guidance on choosing perfectly fitting footwear
  • Custom-made Align Orthotics™ insoles for improved movement
  • Tips on maintaining healthy and attractive feet
  • Recommendations for other products and services suited for optimal movement health
  • Footcare Spa dermatology services
  • Special orders for size-specific footwear and compression socks
  • Gift cards and beautiful packaging
  • Aesthetic clinic, spa, and boutique with curated playlists and inspired décor

All Custom, Everything

Our boutique, designed with individuality, features natural materials, quality modern furniture, and tech appeal. Open-concept movement space, extra-large mirrors, and cozy lounge areas create a welcoming atmosphere. Align is an innovative clinic, spa, and fashion boutique where you can look good and feel good every moment, every day.

Why Eucalyptus as a Symbol?

Symbolically, the mighty eucalyptus tree represents our brand with its strong, aligned foundation, healing properties, and survival strength. We appreciate its hygienic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial qualities, which are crucial for healthy feet. Aligned with its soft tone, circular aesthetic, and reviving yet calming scent, eucalyptus is infused into our core products and services. From Eucyprotec top covers on Align Orthotics™ to footcare spa treatments and misters, it's integral to our commitment to healthier, more hygienic feet. We hope to inspire a connection with the earth while aligning with your greater purpose.

Our Core Values

In our movement to get people moving better aligned, these guiding principles shape our actions, culture, and community. They help align us to manifest and achieve great things.

Have Passion and Care Deeply

We're dedicated to foot health for an aligned life, to help people move better and aligned. We have a passionate purpose to fuel this excitement, drive quality, and uphold integrity. We care deeply about embodying honesty, accountability, and trustworthiness. Our positive impact is caring deeply for colleagues, clients, partners, and humanity. We cultivate relationships, spread positivity, and champion environmental responsibility. Our joy lies in improving lives through wellness and delivering exceptional client experiences as we align, heal, and strengthen so more people can experience the joy of moving better, aligned.

Pursue Bespoke Excellence

Excellence is discovered in the pursuit of perfection, and at Align, we emphasize an exceptional level of quality and skill in the creation of bespoke experiences, services, and products. Our secret sauce is all about using uniqueness to create custom solutions at every touchpoint of the luxury experience. We strive for greatness as a starting point, persevere through challenges, and embrace feedback for continuous improvement. Constructive discourse, resilience, and team achievements define our path to excellence.

Maintain An Innovative Mindset

Channeling the spirit to make great change in the foot health wellness industry since we were founded in 2013 and being voted 'Best Foot Clinic' and 'Best Orthotics' every year since, we have never intended to rest on our laurels. We innovate by challenging the status quo and believing in constant evolution. We embrace limitations, reward effort, and emphasize achievements. We extend this to empowering Align Clients with knowledge and ability in their proactive foot health journey to always exceed their personal best.


We team with our clients, vendors, community, and each other by prioritizing each other's well-being and communicating openly with positivity and mutual respect. We embrace wellness, helpfulness, honesty, forgiveness, loyalty, and responsibility. We believe in an idealistic and open healthcare system. Each team member and client alike adds unique value, fostering a culture where everyone learns from each other. Empowered autonomy allows us to identify issues, create solutions, and innovate ideas. We cultivate a culture of wise, humble, open, and broadminded community, acknowledging the dynamic power of collective contribution. If you're like-minded, we want to collaborate with you!

Longevity as the Path

We pride ourselves on the reputational success of our clinic, boutique, and spa clientele coming in from the personal referrals of Align Clients and allied healthcare professionals who share our core values. Excellence in operational excellence allows us to simplify, innovate proactively, and strive for security through sustainable growth. We value and develop diverse talents, initiatives, and leadership. We diligently document the journey for collaborative learning and a lasting legacy. We preserve the legacy by honouring our natural environment in any way we can, such as through our paperless filing system, chemical-free cosmeceuticals, sustainable footwear products, and commitment to Align custom-fitting to reduce carbon footprint by preserving the integrity of quality-made shoes that can go further. And more walking makes healthier people, which makes a better planet. We focus on doing one thing exceptionally well, ensuring a simplified, aligned approach to foot health to get everyone moving better, aligned.

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