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Our 'Why'

We integrate the realms of health, spa and fashion, breaking down barriers to help you define yourself. You deserve to begin each step of the day feeling empowered, healthy and living an

Our 'Why'– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga

1. Integrity in all we do, beginning with our 3 tenets with our team, Align Clients and the world around us - positivity, mutual respect and open communication. We commit to doing our best to always doing the next, right thing, in whatever form that may take.

2. Wellness is at the core of why we do everything we do for you. It is our ultimate passion and purpose - to align, heal and strengthen you; inspiring you into footwear styles and foot health beauty that makes you feel your best. (And yes to the guys, we think your feet should be beautifully healthy, too.)

3. Deliver a pleasurable client experience. Regardless of our medical status, we believe wellness begins with a feeling and we aim to provide you this feeling from the moment you walk in our foot health sanctuary. We are passionate about empowering you by providing you with knowledge and ability in your proactive foot health journey and motivating you to always exceed your personal best.

4. Collaborative. We believe in an idealistic and open healthcare system. Align Clinicians specialize in foot health; but health itself is not isolated to specific professions. We aim to be a collaborative component of your overall health team, to help you always achieve personal bests for clients and the broader community in your health and body alignment. This also means engaging in healthcare outreach with our communities - if you're like-minded, we want to collaborate with you!

5. Work hard, play hard. Everyone on our team has a strong work ethic, in our dedication to Align Clients. But we also aim to have the most fun, and ensure you do, too :)

6. Innovation. Because if you can't continually try to do better for your health and the world around you, then well... well we don't know what that would look like, because it's not our jam! Leaving apathy and complacency at the door, our innovations are born of utilizing our core values in a kaizen approach to continually innovate and break down barriers in luxury, tech, health and fashion We aim to continually do better, to help you achieve your best health. 

7. Bespoke mindset. Our secret sauce is all about using your uniqueness to create your custom solutions, at every touchpoint of your luxury experience. 

8. Environmentalism is a core value we are dedicated to improving from our current state of our paperless filing system, LED lighting, chemical-free cosmeceuticals, sustainable footwear products, and our commitment to Align custom-fitting to reduce carbon footprint by reducing wear and damage to shoes. And more walking makes healthier humans which makes a better planet. But our vision in this area and projects we're working on, goes much further.

9. Reputation. We pride ourselves on the success of our clinic, boutique, spa clientele coming in from the personal referrals of Align Clients and allied healthcare professionals who share our core values. It truly fills us with joy because from our client relations to our medical team, we push ourselves constantly to provide Align Clients with the best possible care and results.

Our 'Why'– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga

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