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The Align Team

The Align Team– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga

Co-Founder & Medical Director

Darius Dinshaw
B.Sc. Kin, C.Ped(C), CAT(C), CSCS

With over 20 years of experience in the field of Athletic Therapy and people management, Darius Dinshaw’s passion to create Align was inspired by his unique perspectives on body alignment. Through working with varsity athletes as an Athletic Therapist, he found it necessary to incorporate his proactive, Athletic Therapist and Strength & Conditioning Specialist background and mindset to his Canadian Certified Pedorthist designation, to bolster treatment outcomes through the combined, trail-blazed approach. Managing an orthotics clinic for years gave him the insight and desire to break the mould and create something different and completely new.

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Darius ensures Align Clients are empowered to use fundamental training tools of athletes, but with an understandable, lifestyle approach. He built Align to cater to clients who are proactive about their own health and have the knowledge needed to condition themselves into healthier feet and ultimately total body movement. He ensures Align’s approach is driven by crafting an extremely thorough whole-body assessment process, and that clients’ wellness and luxury and style is an important part of their custom fitted footwear experience. His medical skill is sought after from his medical trainees in his rigorous Align Clinician Program, as well as through talks at medical conferences and the many partnership clinics with whom Align holds in its collaborative network of allied health professionals. His combined business and financial acumen keep Align focused under his leadership. It has also awarded him the position of the Board of Directors with the Pedorthic Association of Canada, which allowed him to drive this work with an inspired team to improve foot health modalities on a national and global scale.

His concepts of traditional orthotic design are here compounded, by crafting creative medical orthopedic and proprioceptive design elements with premium, exclusive materials. Himself a man of impeccable style, this includes finding creative ways to custom fit footwear that people actually want to wear, in ever-evolving advances in fashion. These are the factors that make proprietary Align Orthotics™ truly such an effective device. Darius always has a research and development project in the works and continuously challenges the status quo, to discover new innovations in healthcare. This also inspired his work on co-patenting Pitch Perfects™ - custom, medical orthotics for high heels.

His most coveted leisure activity is his need for speed as an autosport enthusiast. A daring snowboarder, soccer player, extreme mountain biker, camper, strategic functional movement training enthusiast, he also is a homebody who loves spending time with his rambunctious sons.



As a Registered Kinesiologist, Canadian Certified Pedorthist and Align Clinician, Brandon's breadth of experiences working with various medical specialists and physicians fostered his enjoyment of working with challenging biomechanical cases. He is passionate about Align's notion that simply improving foot function with an orthotic is not sufficient for effective long-term treatment. And that establishing the root cause of misalignment is fundamental to long-term success. Brandon is an empathetic and patient coach with Align Clients, in participating in their exercise prescription, learning about body movement, and teaching how to move more efficiently and regain function of neglected joints and muscles. He takes time to listen to client’s expectations and outlines realistic treatment plans that fit their lifestyle.

As Clinic Director, Brandon is a key strategist in Align's business planning and is an invaluable asset to the team. He ensures the client's experience is amazing, that Body Align Assessments, Align Orthotics™ and custom shoe details are perfect. And he still manages to ensure everyone is having fun. It's all part of his mission is to provide proactive, stylish foot heath to every person in the GTA with an Align Client mindset.

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Brandon has an athletic background, playing and coaching many sports including hockey, soccer and snowboarding. He is an avid world traveler and has a penchant for adrenaline! His culinary skills from his travels are a sight to behold, let alone to taste. When he's not in Toronto, he's likely headed up to cottage country to enjoy simply being in nature with his lovely partner Kim and their dog, Barney.

The Align Team– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga
The Align Team– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga


B.A. (Kin), D. Ch

Since her clinical placement at Align in 2021, Claudia Chan returns to us to resume all Align Footcare Spa services and has quickly become our lead Chiropodist and managing the Footcare Spa operations.

She fully embodies both the preventative and pain treatment approaches to podiatric footcare and has developed strong relationships with Align clients and team alike. Driven by curiosity about the complexity of human movement, Claudia completed an Honours Specialization in Kinesiology with a Major in Rehabilitation Sciences from UWO. This advanced skillset in biomechanics and sports medicine aspects gives her an acute eye in your Body Align Assessments. Graduating at the top of her class with an 'Advanced Diploma With Distinction in Chiropody' at The Michener Institute, Claudia was also awarded the 'Board of Governors’ Gold Medal Award of Academic Excellence'. Throughout her clinical placements, Claudia has honed her expertise in providing dermatological, pharmacological, surgical and wound care. Claudia is an empathetic, highly intelligent medical professional. She also is a culinary whiz, an artist, loves camping, hiking and can do laps around the rest of us on Align custom fit roller skates!


H.Bsc., D.Ch

Catherine has invaluable expertise in dermatological, surgical, musculoskeletal, and geriatric care in her clinical work with the Wound Care Centre at Women’s College Hospital, LAMP Community Health Centre, the Michener Chiropody Clinic as well as intensive biomechanical training in the Align Clinician Program. Refining both her theoretical aptitude and practical skillset, she also received a scholarship by the College of Chiropodists of Ontario during her rotations. She holds an Assistant Professorship and works as a Clinical Instructor under the University Health Network at the Michener Institute.

Strong ethics aligned with company core values and the desire to treat patients beyond their expectations, at Align Catherine is redefining and evolving footcare modalities, successfully ensuring that the preventative footcare model is a necessary health check for everyone. Through provision of exemplary care at Align and being a passionate educator, Catherine has distinguished the Align flagship as an official teaching facility for the Michener Institute of Education at UHN. As a Clinical Coordinator for this program and through her clinical work at Align, she provides training and education to the College's graduating students, helping to create the next gen of inspired Chiropody professionals.

The Align Team– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga
The Align Team– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga


Christianne Gregorio
(D.Ch, H.B.Sc)

Christianne holds an Advanced Graduate Diploma in Chiropody, with Distinction, from the Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences at UHN – Chiropody (D.Ch), with an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree with High Distinction, in Human Biology: Health and Disease, and Human Physiology, from the University of Toronto. In addition to having practiced for years in the GTA, she mentored under our very own Catherine Duong, D.Ch.. She is described by clients as meticulous, gentle, and thorough. Her passion for her work is evident in her actions and performance.


Sanjeena Singh
(D.Ch, B.Sc.)

Sanjeena is a graduate of the Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences at UHN – Chiropody (D.Ch), with a Biomedical Sciences (B.Sc., Hons.) undergraduate degree from York University. She is also a certified Reflexologist. In addition to her medical designation, she has 10+ years of combined service, office, and retail experience. Sanjeena has a soft demeanor, a kind heart, and truly enjoys time spent treating and conversing with Align clients.

The Align Team– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga
The Align Team– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga



Frances Tran has worked in the beauty industry for over 10 years. Her passion for luxury skincare gave her an appreciation for luxury retail, which naturally evolved into her passion for health and wellness that brought her to her role at Align. She truly loves helping people to look and feel their best. And people truly love working with her.

Frances has a personal outlook of ‘empathy in everything I do!’ She loves connecting with people and learning about their stories and journey in life, to form deeper understandings of others. Her calm, positive and highly productive way of doing everything infuses success into all she touches. As Team Lead, she is she is the glue that holds the Client Experience Team together. She is continually learning all company roles in order to ensure each department works optimally with the CEC team. We're excited to continuously grow together in the outcomes of her vast skillset in client experience, effective, efficient operations and team training and leading.

Health is imperative to her in body, faith, and mind. She is regularly active in exercise, volunteer work, listening to music and reflective journaling.


Kaye Williams
B.Sc, Psychology

Holding a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, minoring in Kinesiology, Kaye is also currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Counselling.

Her passion is helping people who need it most. She’s undertaken specialized training in caring for autism, dementia, personal care, standard first aid and CPR, as well as in medication awareness. She developed these skills providing counselling, emotional support and therapeutic techniques while working with adults with intellectual disabilities for a government supported agency in Nova Scotia. As a Respite Care Worker, she utilized ABA teaching strategies and found immense satisfaction providing emotional and motivational support for those she cared for.

She finds that in healthcare, true relationships form out of empathy. Positive and family focused, the Align core values she connects with most are integrity, wellness and pleasurable experiences. She has certainly added immense value to the Align family here and with our wonderful clients. She truly appreciates keeping operations well-orchestrated, so that the team can effectively provide quality healthcare, wellness and life enjoyment.

The Align Team– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga
The Align Team– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga


Sheila Phan

Holding a bachelor’s degree in Arts, Sheila is also currently pursuing certification in teaching languages. With a professional background in marketing, retail and business administration, Sheila Phan has an understated style of delivering client experience excellence with a high level of empathy, discretion and class. Keeping the clinic efficient and organized helps her ensure client experiences are impeccable. With a passion for helping others, Sheila volunteers her time with a local women’s shelter. She speaks fluent Vietnamese, enjoys a competitive game of table tennis and is a pilates enthusiast.


Isa Azike
B.Sc, MHI (Master in Health Infomatics)

Isa Azike is a dedicated professional with a strong educational background and diverse experience in the healthcare industry. Holding a double major in Genetics, Biotechnology, and Psychology from the University of Toronto, Isa offers a clear passion and commitment to healthcare and life-changing results for our clients. Outside of Align, Isa acts as the Founder of ZTQ Jewels, and has been involved in several extra-curriculars, including swimming, playing the flute, painting, and roller skating.

Isa’s blend of technical expertise and personal interests reflects her well-rounded approach to her work, ensuring that she not only excels in her professional endeavors but also maintains a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

The Align Team– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga
The Align Team– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga


Meela Patel

Meela is a native Floridian with an undergraduate degree in Psychology (B.Sc) from the University of Central Florida. With several years of administrative and C-Level Executive Assistant experience in both the medical and high-fashion industries, she offers a unique outlook into our blend of joining clinical and science-based treatments with stylish, healthy footwear. Meela’s go-getter attitude and organized approach helps keep the management team on track and able to help Align grow, to ultimately offer clients ever-better experiences.


BA, Political Science

Teressa is a humble, Mississaugan business mogul with over 25 years in business development and teaching, for corporations with various philanthropic health causes. She is focused on driving healthy social change through innovative business models.

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As Align's CEO, Teressa oversees all elements of the entire operation. She co-founded Align to merge and disrupt the footcare, fashion and beauty industries, to empower Align clients with knowledge, a medically sound approach, and inspiration to look and feel better and healthier than ever before. She's determined to bring together the moving pieces to improve the way you do footcare as an impetus to healthier movement, for a more enriched and active life.

The Align Team– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga

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It is what inspired her to design the Align brand, the interior design and initial concept model for bridging the biomechanics and medical device component of foot health, within the fashion trend realm. And later, to expand Align's healthcare model to integrate the Footcare Spa, bringing innovation to combine the medical footheath and beauty realms. As well as for co-patenting the Align Pitch Perfect orthotic for high heels. Teressa relishes in the opportunities to appreciate and enjoy her equally inspiring Align Clients.

Prior to co-founding Align in 2013, Teressa completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science at the University of Western Ontario, along with a Masters Certificate in Marketing at Schulich School of Business. Her public policy mindset and business leadership experience include being a Professor of Marketing at Humber College, a decade as Director of Marketing for an innovative nutraceuticals company, and a decade as a municipal Business Development Consultant bringing together cross-departmental teams to help maximize close to $100 million-dollar annual revenues for businesses operated under city-wide strategic plans.

Living the Mompreneur lifestyle, she’s a fun media personality who uses her dynamic public speaking skills to create awareness around healthcare innovation, healthy fashion & beauty in foot health, and an unconventionally soft yet savvy approach to business practices. She is creating and building Align’s departments as a strong, steady enterprise as we expand into new locations. Teressa is focussed on leading Align to being the most desirable place for medical foot health experiences, so everyone can live to their potential to move better, aligned.

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