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Best Orthotics & Foot Clinic in Mississauga, ON

Winner of Reader’s Choice BEST Foot Care & BEST Orthotics

Best Orthotics in Mississauga

We are so grateful to be voted #1 Diamond Winner in foot care and best orthotics, now 10 YEARS IN A ROW!

Building Something GREAT

Best Orthotics in Mississauga
Best Orthotics in Mississauga

From the beginning, our vision was to create something beautiful; a space where any person desiring healthy feet, shoes, and movement would no longer be relegated to ugly medical shoes or waiting until the pain is at its worst to book medical appointments.

At Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare, our licensed chiropodists, pedorthists, kinesiologists, foot care specialists and athletic therapist experts are here for foot examinations, medical pedicures, and more, providing hospital-grade care with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no matter what. With each client, we engage in two-way education, sourcing and selecting healthy and fashionable footwear that takes whole body alignment, not just the feet, into consideration. We care about fostering enjoyment and elegance on your journey to healthier feet. Here, you’ll find inspiration, wellness, and better movement for every single client we host.

10 Years of Honing Expertise in Foot Health Excellence

In the past decade, we’ve developed the Align Clinician program to educate health professionals throughout Ontario in all areas of medicine, not just podiatry. This focuses on diagnosing and treating various health issues to bring about improved body alignment and movement through foot health, as well as emphasizing the impact that podiatric health has on the body overall. Discover why we are known for providing the best orthotics Mississauga has to offer.

Using barefoot and bracing modalities and beyond, this truly unique experience teaches that caring for the feet is more than from the ankle down. At our luxury facility, we’ve combined movement health with an upscale medical foot care spa and designer footwear boutique. Our curated selection features trendy name-brand footwear alongside our bespoke Align Orthotics™, improving the way you move in the most stylish way.

Our team has worked tirelessly to produce our own line of creative and manufactured custom orthotics — the best orthotics designed for a personalized fit and fashionable look, even in designer footwear. By analyzing each of our client's unique biomechanical movements, we are able to find the root cause of their podiatric issue and create bespoke devices that can improve their overall body alignment from the feet up.

Our whole team, from our medical professionals, chiropodists, foot care specialists — providers of the best orthotics in Mississauga — and 3D technology providers to our fashion buyers, is here to guide you to your healthiest feet, body alignment, movement, and life. Align is also proud to announce our Client Experience Team, whose focus is designing every step of your journey and ensuring each and every client that walks through our door receives the best and most beneficial care possible.

Align is a Whole Vibe

Brandon Nethercott, voted Diamond for #1 Best Foot Health Clinician in the City, photographed here in a treatment with local client Murrayanna Bahadoor.

Best Orthotics in Mississauga

Continuous Improvement & Pushing Forward

Following the results of our client survey in 2018, Align moved toward affordable luxury. Consulting with Mississauga's finest, we upgraded our facility with marble, zinc, and podiatric beds imported from Germany. As we curated our designer footcare offerings — including the best orthotics —, our staff focused on advancing their medical training and enhancing customer service. Thank you to our staff for stepping up and showing a commitment to excellence!

We’ve continued to be advocates for change, educating members of the medical community who believed pelvic alignment had nothing to do with how an orthotic is designed. By introducing the best orthotics that combine aesthetics and functionality, we've challenged the notion that there's no place for beauty in podiatric foot health. We also addressed the skepticism around preventive measures in our healthcare system. Thank you to our fellow physicians and practitioners who have been open to new holistic possibilities in podiatric care.

We would also like to honour the fashion brands whose products aren’t traditionally available at healthcare clinics but who were able to see our vision of creating better experiences for people wearing their shoes. Thank you to Michael Kors, Camper, Ted Baker, On Running, and others who took that leap. 

Align extends special gratitude to our manufacturing partners who have been willing to painstakingly do things differently for our cause, from importing diverse raw materials to fine-tuning through revision after revision of our custom Align Orthotics™.

Most of all, we would like to thank our Align Clients for walking through our doors, whether it’s their first time or 100th time. We love getting to know you and everything about you, even your brand preference for the espresso we serve you. You bring us all much joy! We love when you catch up with the team since your last visit, telling us how your movement and abilities have increased, or the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, sweat and odour-resistant EucyProtec™ top cover on your favorite Align Orthotics™ — the best orthotics — is still smelling fresh. We love to see you excited to shop this season’s collection of healthy footwear and discuss your shoe's wear patterns. We especially love watching you head out in comfort and style with healthy, medically-pedicured feet and custom-fit footwear and custom orthotics, moving healthier than you ever have! We adore you!

It’s been 10 years, with 10,000 clients served by our small, 10-person team. It's been a decade of hard work, commitment, and, most of all, love. Not only does this year mark our 10th Anniversary, but the 10th year in a row that we’ve been awarded the honour of the best in our field. Our team works very hard to provide the best outcomes, including the best orthotics, for our clients and change lives. We are so honoured you remembered, thought of us, and voted for us.

And there you have it! Now you know just how very much we look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

With sincere thanks, the whole team at Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare.

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Best Orthotics in Mississauga

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