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Running Gait Analysis in Mississauga, ON

Running Gait Analysis Mississauga, ON  Mississauga

Introduction to Running Gait Analysis

Gait is how you move during walking.

Running gait refers to your biomechanics during running. Gait occurs from a complex integration of our neuromuscular system, coordinating the specific activation of muscles at specific times to provide balance, stability, shock absorption, and propulsion. The muscles involved in Running Gait Analysis involve almost the entire body, including the tiny little ones in your feet, the very large ones in your legs and hips, the stability ones in your core and spine, and even the ones in your shoulders and neck – running is a full body activity.

The gait cycle is typically segmented into eight phases of gait:

  1. Initial Contact
  2. Loading Response
  3. Midstance
  4. Terminal Stance
  5. Pre swing
  6. Initial Swing
  7. Mid Swing
  8. Late Swing

Did you know that the average person walking takes between 5,000 to 10,000 steps per day? That is 10,000 times in a single day that your joints are subject to loading stress. A 10K run is about 10,000 to 12,000 steps, with the impact being considerably higher than walking. If the muscles and joints are not loading effectively, then we can be subjecting them to increased risk of injury and excessive wear and tear – something that may go asymptomatic for a long time without ever being diagnosed.

Do you deal with recurring injuries that seem to keep coming back despite effective rehab and rest? Perhaps you can’t hit that personal best you have been training for? Consider having a Running Gait Analysis.

What is a Running Gait Analysis?

A Running Gait Analysis is the comprehensive evaluation of your body’s biomechanics during running.

It starts with a medical history, understanding training volume, and evaluating running shoe wear patterns. Then, a 360-degree postural evaluation is done to understand the static alignment of the body, which may have factors that influence your running biomechanics.

Next, our Body Align Assessment evaluates full body biomechanics during running, evaluating each phase of the gait cycle through slow motion video analysis, where cameras capturing movement at 240fps allow us to measure specific angles of your joints during the different phases of gait. This valuable insight provides guidance on how your muscles are activating and how your joints are being loaded. We then conduct specific testing on your muscles to evaluate range of motion, strength, and, most importantly, activation order – it is important that muscles fire in a specific order during the gait cycle.

At Align, a comprehensive understanding of your footwear and foot biomechanics is also included. Your feet are the first point of contact, providing shock absorption from ground reaction forces and are very instrumental in good running biomechanics. At our practice in Mississauga Running Gait Analysis is done barefoot and with shoes. Barefoot allows us to see how the different joints in the foot behave naturally, without the influence of footwear. Different shoes will certainly impact different running techniques, and so we have the opportunity to evaluate the impact that different styles of performance run footwear will have on your body.

Footwear education is shared, and an opportunity to test out different performance running shoes is allowed. You will now be able to instantly feel the difference between the running shoes that complement your running biomechanics and those that hinder it. Performance exercises and specific rehab guidelines may be provided to further optimize your running biomechanics. Referrals out to allied health professionals may also further supplement your running journey.

Running Gait Analysis Mississauga, ON  Mississauga

What does Running Gait Analysis address?

  • Run biomechanics
  • Footwear influence on running gait
  • Muscle imbalances and weaknesses
  • Joint loading
  • What shoes are best for your style of running
  • Risk of injury or premature wear and tear on joint cartilage

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Benefits of a Running Gait Analysis

  • Reduce the risk of injury. Recover from an injury. 
  • Uncover underlying biomechanical issues. Get to the root cause of problems.
  • Optimize your running form. Improve performance and running efficiency. 
  • Learn about what running shoes optimize and complement your running style and which to avoid
  • Learn specific exercises that are designed for your unique body
  • Leave with a thorough understanding of how your body moves, from the small details of foot function to the global stabilization during trunk rotation. You will have a comprehensive understanding of your Body Alignment.

Who should get a Running Gait Analysis?

Everyone who runs. It’s less than the cost of a new pair of shoes, and you will learn so much more about your specific running biomechanics and footwear in the hour than you can learn from 20 hours of online reading about running. This is a custom evaluation of you. No amount of generic running education can replace it. We help novice runners who are preparing for their first 5K to competitive marathon runners, and everyone in between. Book your appointment for a Running Gait Analysis today to find out how it can help your running routine and foot health.

How much does Gait Analysis cost?

With Running Gait Analysis Mississauga patients can typically expect a rate of $175, but currently, it's offered at a promotional price of $120.

Running Gait Analysis Mississauga, ON  Mississauga

Interpreting the Running Gait Analysis Results

Our Align Clinicians will walk you through the results of your Running Gait Analysis, taking you through each phase of the gait cycle and explaining what your body is doing well and where opportunities for improvement are.

Treatment solutions, including:

  • Custom Align Orthotics 
  • Footwear 
  • Exercises
  • Rehab protocols
  • Bracing 
  • Performance enhancement tools

Gait Analysis Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Run shorts and a tank top or sports bra.

Please avoid loose-fitting clothing so that we can easily landmark joints during the slow-motion video gait analysis.

Please avoid wearing black if possible.

What should I bring?

  • Current running shoes
  • Retired running shoes
  • Imaging reports for any previous injuries
  • Training schedule (if applicable)

How long is a Running Gait Analysis?

Approximately one hour.

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