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Compression Socks in Mississauga, ON

Compression Socks Mississauga

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Compression Sock Services with Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare

Enhance your leg health with Compression Socks in Mississauga, ON from Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare! Our socks optimize blood flow, banish discomfort, and reduce swelling. Prescribed by GPs for varicose veins and poor blood circulation, they work wonders in preventing blood clots while combating pain and fatigue. Step into a world of comfort, vitality, and style with our remarkable compression socks! Don't let anything hold you back—embrace the joy of revitalized legs today!

Vitally Improve Circulation

What are Compression Socks?

Simply put, our compression socks and stockings help to improve circulation in your lower legs and feet. They are made of tight-fitting material that helps the blood vessels in your legs carry blood more efficiently back to your heart.

Energizing Flow

Who Should Use Them?

If you have issues with blood circulation, such as varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency (CVT), or deep vein thrombosis (DVT), compression socks or stockings may be beneficial. Additionally, if you fall into any of the following categories, we recommend considering compression socks or stockings:

  • If you sit for extended periods at work, you are at a higher risk of developing blood clots in your lower extremities due to decreased blood flow. Sitting for just 90 minutes can reduce blood flow to your lower legs and feet by up to 50%.
  • Standing for long periods can cause fatigue and varicose veins, as it puts an extra 20% workload on your circulatory system.
  • Wearing compression socks after exercising can increase blood flow, bringing more oxygen to your muscles and improving recovery rates. It can also reduce muscle soreness by up to 28%.
  • Extended travel increases the risk of blood clots forming in your leg veins. Studies show that wearing compression socks or stockings while traveling can significantly reduce the risk of DVT and leg swelling.
  • During pregnancy, expectant mothers may experience inhibited blood flow, resulting in swelling, fatigue, and varicose veins. About 30% of all pregnant women will experience varicose veins during their first pregnancy.

With our compression stockings and/or compression socks Mississauga patients experience a design that's tightest at the ankles and feet, enhancing blood flow back towards the larger veins.

Compression Socks Mississauga

Ease Your Pain

How Do You Benefit?

Compression socks and/or stockings worn over the affected area compresses the blood vessels and helps the blood to move more effectively, relieving the symptoms and improving your health and quality of life. They can also significantly improve muscle recovery and relieve exercise-related pain. They are often used by athletes to shorten recovery times after workouts and ease the pain of tired, achy legs and feet.

Help Your Heart

How Do They Work?

Your circulatory system is designed to carry blood to and from your extremities. Due to the effects of gravity, high blood pressure, and various other factors, it becomes increasingly difficult for your heart to pump blood back up from your lower legs and feet to your heart. Pooling of blood and swelling in your lower legs, ankles, and feet can result and be very dangerous, painful, and uncomfortable.

A Step For Science

What Is The Technology Behind Them?

At our center in Mississauga compression socks are available with gradient compression design. They are structured to be tighter at the ankles and feet, and the compression diminishes gradually as the knit progresses up the leg. This helps to promote the return of blood to the larger veins and heart. Our compression socks come in a variety of different styles, colours, fabrics, and finishes, and with over 21 different sizes, we can ensure a perfect fit for each individual. All of our socks are made in Germany.

Compression Socks Mississauga

Beneficial and Comfortable

Are They Comfortable?

Compression socks or stockings may not look comfortable at first glance, but if you suffer from conditions like swelling or varicose veins, wearing them can provide significant relief. Although it may take some getting used to, the benefits outweigh any initial discomfort.

Stylish and Functional

What Do They Look Like?

You may have noticed that many athletes wear compression sleeves/socks after running a race. However, compression wear is not just for sports. In fact, there are many fashionable compression socks/stockings available in Toronto that can be worn daily, whether at work or in a more relaxed setting. These socks are discreet and won't draw attention to themselves. To learn more about compression socks Mississauga patients can access additional information here.

Compression Socks Service Frequently Asked Questions

Can compression socks be worn by anyone?

Yes, compression socks can be worn by individuals of various lifestyles and occupations. They are suitable for people who spend long hours standing, sitting, or traveling, as well as athletes looking to enhance performance and reduce muscle fatigue. However, it is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if compression socks are suitable for your specific needs.

How do I choose the right compression socks?

Selecting the appropriate compression socks depends on factors such as your specific leg health needs and the compression level recommended by your healthcare provider. Compression levels are measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg) and may range from mild (15-20 mmHg) to moderate (20-30 mmHg) to higher levels for medical conditions. It is important to get fitted properly to ensure the socks provide optimal benefits.

Can I wear compression socks all day?

Yes, compression socks can generally be worn throughout the day, but the duration may vary depending on individual comfort and needs. It is important to follow the guidance provided by your healthcare professional regarding wearing schedules and duration to maximize the benefits of compression therapy.

Where can I find compression socks in Mississauga, ON?

Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare in Mississauga, ON, offers a range of compression socks to meet your leg health needs. Visit our store or contact us to explore our selection and receive personalized assistance in choosing the right compression socks for you. Our knowledgeable team is here to support your leg health journey.

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