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Foot Treatments in Mississauga, ON

Foot Treatment in Mississauga, ON  Mississauga

Luxury Healing

Alignluxe Foot Treatments at Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare

In our Foot care Spa, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ultimate pedicure experience knowing that you are doing something amazing for your health. Our “medi-pedi” services are performed by licensed and highly experienced chiropodists (podiatrists) who prioritize your comfort, safety, and healing. Our signature Alignluxe Foot Treatment is loved by men and women alike for the way it energizes whole-body vitality!

Merging Health, Beauty, and Comfort

What is an Alignluxe Foot Treatment?

Unlike the pedicures you might receive at your neighborhood nail salon, a medi-pedi offers luxurious pampering alongside highly skilled treatment for common soft tissue conditions like corns, calluses, diabetic ulcers, and fungal infections. Our clinicians possess deep knowledge of podiatry that includes insight into the complex inner workings of the entire musculoskeletal system. We designed our signature medi-pedi—the Alignluxe Foot Treatment — to provide the ultimate experience in therapeutic foot care. This 55-minute long treatment session is performed in our luxurious and hygienic foot spa.

Feel Your Feet Glow With Health

What are the benefits of an Alignluxe Foot Treatment?

A medical pedicure differs from a regular pedicure in that it focuses on both cosmetic and therapeutic aspects of foot care. At our facility in Mississauga Foot Treatment involves expert care by a clinician adept in assessing and addressing a variety of foot-related issues, such as fungal infections, ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, plantar warts, athlete's foot, and more, ensuring comprehensive foot health. Performed in accordance with the most rigorous hygiene standards, a treatment with a chiropodist is a safer, healthier, and more effective alternative to a traditional pedicure.

Excellent for men and women alike, a foot treatment with a chiropodist covers the following aspects of foot care to help your feet feel soft, smooth, and energized:

Foot Treatment in Mississauga, ON  Mississauga

Foot examination:

The chiropodist examines your feet, nails, and skin to identify any existing foot problems or potential issues.

Nail care:

Nails are trimmed and shaped properly to prevent ingrown toenails and maintain healthy nail growth.

Callus and corn removal:

The chiropodist will safely and gently remove these uncomfortable thickenings of the skin using specialized tools, relieving any associated symptoms.

Treatment of fungal infections:

If you have a fungal infection, such as athlete's foot or toenail fungus, the chiropodist can provide appropriate treatment options, including topical or oral medications.

Foot mobilization and relaxation:

Gentle foot mobilization promotes circulation, relaxes the muscles, and enhances overall foot comfort.

Education and preventive care:

A medical pedicure offers the opportunity for personalized foot care advice and education. The chiropodist can provide guidance on proper footwear, foot hygiene, preventive measures, and self-care techniques to maintain foot health.

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Your Foot Treatment Consultation

Get started by scheduling your Foot Treatment in Mississauga today. Or, book a ten-minute consultation to have your questions about your individual foot health answered and determine whether an Alignluxe Foot Restoration is right for you. Your clinician can also educate you about complementary services to support your full biomechanical health, such as our one-of-a-kind Body Align Assessment.

Nurture Your Feet For a Healthy Foundation

Alignluxe Foot Treatment Procedure

A wet towel rub invigorates and awakens the feet with fragrant essential oils. The nails are expertly trimmed and shaped, and any dead skin is carefully debrided with a diamond-tipped bit. Any corns are safely removed. Then, foot and soft tissue mobilization is used to stretch and energize the musculature of the feet. Finally, our exclusive Elim cream is applied to nurture and rejuvenate the soft tissues. A clear nail hydration treatment may be applied to the nails as needed.

Softer, Smoother, Stronger Feet

Alignluxe Foot Restoration Treatment Results

After our signature Foot Treatment Mississauga patients will experience feet that feel incredibly smooth, soft, and deeply moisturized. Corns or calluses will be eliminated, and the nails will be beautifully shaped to prevent ingrown nails. Any fungal infections of the skin or nails will resolve with treatment, which may include the application of medicine during the procedure and follow-up at-home applications. Massage techniques used during the Alignluxe Foot Restoration will leave your feet feeling strong, flexible, and healthy. You will notice an improvement in both the health and beauty of your feet for several weeks after your visit.

Alignluxe Foot Restoration Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an Alignluxe Foot Restoration Treatment cost?

The price of the Alignluxe Foot Treatment is $155.

What other treatments are offered in the Footcare Spa?

Other spa services include our Align Express Footcare Beautification and the Align Footcare Assessment. Visit the Footcare Spa page to learn more.

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