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Discover– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga


Revolutionize The Way You MoveBy Optimizing Your Foot Health. And Enjoy Every Luxurious Step Of It. Custom Align Orthotics™, Luxury Medical Pedicures And Healthy Designer Footwear.

Our mission is to inspire, strengthen and empower you to have your healthiest feet and body alignment. We welcome you with luxury service and products in our clinic, spa & boutique. We are leaders in delivering foot care through innovative tech, fashion and spa services. We will not only improve the way you understand, value and treat your foot health...

We aim to help you move better,

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Leaders In Health, Style And Technology

Align not only specializes in custom fitting proprietary custom Align Orthotics™ into fashion footwear. We also provide you with luxurious podiatric services and cosmeceutical foot wellness products, hosiery and compression wear, and advanced 3D printed bracing. Our integrity-driven, boutique approach benefits you in in 3 important ways.

1. Meticulously recruited and experienced Align Clinicians.

Our foot health team is made up of Pedorthists, Chiropodists, Athletic Therapists, Strength and Conditioning Specialists, & Kinesiologists. Align Clinicians have years of experience in the field and are focused on perfecting body alignment in the Align 5-Step method. Consequently, each client sees biomechanical improvement in a systematic way that consistently produces effective results.

2. We offer an elite experience for everyone.

We provide a 45-minute Body Alignment (not just foot) Assessment, shoe shopping tutorial, and communicate to you and your Physician a summary of your medical report, inclusive of your annotated video gait analysis. Our Client Experience team will guide you through a simplified process and follow-up diligently on your success and results.

3. Our craft is different.

Align technology standards are explicit and use the latest in digital 3D foot and footwear scanning, as well as CADCAM designing and modelling technology to produce highly effective medical devices. Analysis in the Body Align Lab is highly detailed and quantitative, getting to the root cause of problems. Custom orthotics for runners and orthopedic shoes can be a simple design most clinics should be able to handle, however crafting thoughtful custom Align Orthotics™ for quality, trend-setting fashion footwear is a different expertise. We even help you wardrobe clear to ensure shoes that don’t correct your biomechanics are out of the closet and no longer damaging your body.

An Aligned Team

We believe that attention to detail is critical. Our team has been carefully assembled to create the best possible experience for you. Align professionals are dedicated to living an aligned life, are passionate about what we do and committed to your comfort and health.

Aligned Clients

We are so fortunate to have so many wonderful clients, who share aligned values.

"Being motivated, proactive about and enjoying my foot health, my Align custom fit footwear, and my Alignluxe Foot Restoration treatments and what I can now do and how I look on my feet... It's a game changer."

Discover– Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare Mississauga

We've Got You Covered

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of your Align experience, from your initial visit to your fitting session, insurance billing and longevity of your product, that we offer a satisfaction guarantee within reasonable limitations. Ask us about it for the full details.

Insurance Coverage Application Assistance

You’re not an insurance expert, and we don’t expect you to be. We will work with you to fully understand your health plan benefits coverage and ensure your costs for this experience are covered to the full extent that your plan allows.

AO Warranty

Our Align OrthoticsTM come with a 1-year warranty against premature wear with prescribed usage. The warranty is void if worn in footwear not recommended by an Align Clinician. Adjustments must be completed within 6 months, beyond which a fee may apply. Retrofitting your Align OrthoticsTM to alternate footwear that differs from your initial treatment plan is subject to adjustment fees at our hourly rate plus material costs.

Have your best, strongest body alignment.
Be empowered by the knowledge and experience gained through our proprietary medical assessment, using advanced 3D technology - to master your own body's unique biomechanics.

Have the luxury of wearing only custom-fit footwear that will help you walk stronger, feeling superior comfort and with better body alignment.

Have your healthiest, most beautiful feet.

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