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Body Align Lab

Insights from the Body Align Lab  Mississauga

70% Of People Wear Shoes That Damage Their Body Alignment. Do Your Shoes Correct Yours?

Body Alignment refers to the ideal anatomical skeletal system - it puts your bones in the best position possible for your unique body. When we optimize Body Alignment, the muscles surrounding the bones do their best work, resulting in less stress to the muscles, ligaments, cartilage and joints. 

Get Informed. Get Custom Fit. Get Aligned.

Each person’s biomechanics are unique. We take the time to conduct a thorough assessment to determine yours. A professional, custom footwear fitting from Align can improve body alignment to:

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  • Stand and walk longer and increase energy levels
  • Enhance performance of your body movements
  • Increase comfort in your feet, knees, legs and back
  • Help reduce risk of injuries and disease such as osteoarthritis
  • Provide all day comfort and style that’s hard to resist
  • Improve your posture

What Do I Receive In My Body Align Assessment?

  1. We assess and discuss your medical history, range of motion, test your foot muscles and conduct your 360-degree postural analysis
  2. We let your swagger do the talking on the Align Catwalk, take a 60-FPS slow motion gait analysis, measure your exact misalignment angles, and gait characteristics to be corrected
  3. Get 3-D laser scans of your footwear and your feet in subtalar neutral and weight bearing positions to help discover ideal anatomical alignment of your hips, knees, ankles and feet.
  4. Learn which foot strengthening exercises are best for you
  5. Discover luxurious compression wear and discreet, effective knee bracing
  6. Re-learn how to shop for shoes with a footwear shopping tutorial in the Align Showroom that applies your newly learned findings about your unique biomechanics. We'll also wardrobe clean your existing shoes with a healthy perspective!
  7. Receive the Body Align Assessment digital report including your video gait analysis

I Think My Feet Are Fine. Why Have Them Looked At?

Our expert Align Clinicians can see things that the untrained eye cannot.

In our two-way information sharing process during your Body Align Assessment, you will likely learn more than you ever realized about a very important part of your overall health that you walk on every day.You may be overlooking what’s right beneath your feet. Align Clinicians are a team of medical foot health professionals including Canadian Certified Pedorthists, Chiropodists, Kinesiologists, Athletic Therapists and Strength and Conditioning Specialists. These healthcare professionals are educated to assess for, design and fit custom orthotics and footwear. They are trained in Align’s proprietary 5-step Body Align Assessment to analyze your entire body alignment;not just your feet - to design your own, custom Align Orthotics and custom fit footwear.

Insights from the Body Align Lab  Mississauga

In Your 45-Minute
Discovery Session

We look at your range of motion

Our proprietary and comprehensive Body Alignment Assessment evaluates your entire musculoskeletal system. We look at your range of motion, test your foot muscles and conduct your 360-degree postural analysis. Our Align Certified Clinician’s will walk you through the assessment with ease; paying close attention to detail so that your AlignOrthotics™ are constructed to perfectly correct your body alignment. 3D laser scans of your footwear and your feet will be taken in neutral and weight bearing positions. Re-learn how to shop for shoes with a footwear shopping tutorial in the Align Showroom that applies your newly learned findings about your unique biomechanics.

Ever Had Your Walk Analysed By A Medical Foot Health Clinician?

You Can Rest Assured That Every Detail Is Noted

While walking or running barefoot at our treadmill station, a slow motion video analysis is captured to analyze each phase of your gait cycle. At 60 frames per second, you can rest assured that every detail is noted. Using a variety of measurement tools; back, hip, knee, ankle and foot angles are measured for a thorough evaluation. A summary of the video analysis is sent directly to your inbox so you can share with family, friends and other healthcare professionals.

Your Own Personalized Shoe Shopping Tutorial, Based On What You've Learned

Choose Your Perfect Pair

Apply what you've learned in the Body Align Lab to your own footwear collection as well as our Align Designer Showroom collection. This is where you'll learn the A03 Criteria and how to shop any collection just for your own unique health. You'll choose your perfect pair to custom fit with Align Orthotics. Using your 3D foot and footwear scans, we create the detailed CadCam design and manufacture your very own, fully custom Align Orthotics™. Also included is your fitting day, when you try on the final product - your healthy shoe + your own Align Orthotic™ +you! 

We'll watch you walk and make any necessary minor adjustments to ensure the perfect fit and healthier, improved gait and overall comfort. A 3, 6 and 12 month follow-up are included with the Body Align Assessment, to help ensure your ultimate satisfaction and success, backed by our money back guarantee. See details on our Discover page.

Receive Your Own Digital Medical Report

A Summary Of Your Posture

At the end of your Body Alignment Assessment, a summary of your posture, gait, range of motion testing, and other foot related findings is emailed to you along with your video analysis. The medical report will point out important findings that relate to you biomechanics and specifications on how your unique Align OrthoticsTM will be crafted to fit specifically in the footwear you have selected. Exercises and stretches may also be included in this report for your home program. Finally, a list of important shoe features that pertain to your specific findings will be included to assist in future shoe purchasing decisions. Receive the digital report of your Body Align Assessment including your video gait analysis for both you and your family doctor. There is simply no better way to understand and take control of the way you walk for better health than with a foot health clinician. Get comforting relief for your whole body, in inspiring new, Align custom fit footwear.

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