Body Align Assessment



Our expert Align Clinicians can see things that the untrained eye cannot. In our two-way information sharing process during your Body Align Assessment, you will likely learn more than you ever realized about a very important part of your overall health that you walk on every day.
You may be overlooking what’s right beneath your feet.

Align Clinicians are Canadian Certified Pedorthists - one of the very few healthcare professionals who are educated to assess for, design and fit custom orthotics and footwear. They are trained in Align’s proprietary 5-step Body Align Assessment to analyze your entire body alignment;
not just your feet - to design your own, custom Align Orthotics and custom fit footwear.

What Do I Receive In My Body Align Assessment?

  • We assess and discuss your medical history, range of motion, test your foot muscles and conduct your 360-degree postural analysis

  • We let your swagger do the talking on the Align Catwalk, take a 60-FPS slow motion gait analysis, measure your exact misalignment angles, and gait characteristics to be corrected

  • Get 3-D laser scans of your footwear and your feet in subtalar neutral and weight bearing positions to help discover ideal anatomical alignment of your hips, knees, ankles and feet.

  • Learn which foot strengthening exercises are best for you

  • Discover luxurious compression wear, discreet bracing

  • Re-learn how to shop for shoes with a footwear shopping tutorial in the Align Showroom that applies your newly learned findings about your unique biomechanics. We'll also review your existing shoe wardrobe!

  • Receive the digital report of your Body Align Assessment including your video gait analysis for both you and your family doctor.