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Why should I have a re-assessment completed every 12 months?

  1. Wearing your Align Orthotics™ correctly, heals and strengthens. This will continuously create subtle improvements in your body alignment.

Habitual behaviours, activities, ageing, injuries, pregnancy, footwear, health changes and more can all have an impact on your body, which can impact your feet and body alignment. An annual re-assessment ensures you are walking and moving in healthy body alignment.

  1. At Align, we have the expertise and dedication to you to ensure that as your progress improves, so does your treatment plan. You don’t want to miss the next step!

Did you know that your Align Orthotics™ custom fitted to your healthy footwear, was designed with your specific goals in mind at the time of your initial Body Align Assessment? Perhaps at the time you were dealing with an injury or circumstance that has since healed. Perhaps other life changes could change your biomechanics. At Align, we develop progressive treatment plans that evolve as you do.

It may be difficult to understand non-medically, but here is an example. If we had for example, initially designed rigid Align Orthotics™ to help limit excessive movement and control the foot to help with an injury such as Plantar Fasciitis or morton’s neuroma; but now it is more appropriate to design a more flexible device to help strength foot musculature and improve hip function, so that the client can remain active and healthy on their feet. Such types of considerations are important in the design of your Align Orthotics™  and custom fitted footwear.

  1. We need to ensure we evaluate the lifespan of your Align Orthotics™ and footwear. It’s really important for your health that we do so!

Align Orthotics™ typically last between 12-24 months. They can last longer, depending on several factors, including body weight, materials, footwear, and design. It is strongly recommended that we evaluate the wear of your Align Orthotics™  and footwear at least once per year so we can appropriately advise you if they should be refurbished or replaced. Often, the Align Orthotics™ will have been worn out for a few months before you notice they are not supporting your body alignment anymore, as pain is only a symptom of poor biomechanics, and this may go unnoticed if not evaluated by one of our Align Clinicians annually. Please don’t take at least having annual check-ups, for granted.

  1. Since you’re happy with your Align Orthotics™, you might like and benefit from a fresh, new pair.

If your Align Orthotics™ are in good condition, then getting another pair is helpful to maintain consistency in body alignment and healthy feet across a variety of styles of footwear. As you know, each pair of Align Orthotics™ are designed specifically for your unique body alignment, the footwear it’s going into, and the activity that footwear will be used for. For example, a pair that is designed for long periods of standing is typically much firmer than ones that are used at the gym for physical activity, where the movement is a lot more dynamic.

  1. Don’t miss out on savings. Our Body Align Checkups within 12 months of your last assessment are half the cost!

We are passionate about your health, and so your Body Align Checkup offers big savings within 12 months of your last one, as it is still considered a follow-up appointment.

Been a bit longer? We know covid and life has gotten in the way; our clinical team hold a variety of designations including Chiropodists, Pedorthists, Athletic Therapists, and Kinesiologists that typically allow you to claim this service under your health benefits plan.

Ensure you book-in your re-assessment now!

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