The Align Team

Darius Dinshaw, Align Co-Founder

As Co-Founder and Head Clinician at Align CFF, Darius Dinshaw is a true leader and visionary. With a drive to do medical healthcare ever better, he breaks down traditional barriers, brings together and trains his medical team and motivates to improve clients compliance, helping them take a more active role in their healthcare. Darius began his journey into healthcare with a B.Sc in Kinesiology at York University. Concurrently he became an Athletic Therapist and was inspired with his results in working with the varsity teams. Darius continued his education with a focus on strength training as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He pursued further education as a Canadian Certified Pedorthist; specializing in the field of orthotics and biomechanics, while managing a clinic. His unique perspective stems form this distinctive educational background, effectively combining 3 separate professions to determine unique solutions in achieving improved body alignment, all while keeping customer education a focal point of his assessment. This is what adds a genuine touch to every  patient interaction. His vision to create Align was rooted in his passion for his patients to be truly educated about and benefit from his creative, careful designs of custom Align Orthotics that provide maximum comfort and yet fit for fashionable footwear.  His position on the Board of the Pedorthic Assiation of Canada allows him to drive change in foot health, both nationally and internationally. His most coveted leisure activity is his need for speed and an affinity for car mechanics and driving. A snowboarder, soccer center midfielder, mountain biker, portager, strategic functional movement training enthusiast, he also is a homebody who loves spending time with his rambunctious sons.

Teressa Dinshaw, Align Co-Founder

A humble, Mississaugan business mogul with 20 years in marketing management for corporations with various philanthropic health causes, this Political Science major with post graduate marketing specialization, is focused on driving social change through business. Her most recent healthcare development is as Co-Founder of Align. Teressa uses critical thinking and innovation to merge and disrupt the footcare, fashion and beauty industries to elevate and change lives. She's determined to bring together all the moving pieces to fundamentally improve the way you do footcare; empowering her clients with knowledge, a medically sound approach and fashion and beauty that inspires and makes clients look and feel better than ever before.Always flashing forward to the next innovation in foot health, Teressa is ahead of industry trends, such as advances in 3D printing, slow fashion, sourcing sustainable footwear and taking cues from paleo footwear concepts. If there is someone doing anything fascinating in tech, fashion or sustainability in footwear, she's ensured her team has connected with them already. A dedicated Mompreneur and a lover of people, health and art, Teressa's favourite pastimes are cuddling and cooking "Guy-talian" favourites for her 4 and 5-year-old, playing soccer, reading through an evergrowing pile of books and sneaking in time getting to know her equally inspiring clientele. She's a dynamic public speaker with a special interest in team motivation and cause-marketing.

Diane Jacques, Align Director of Operations  

With 25+ years in managing and consulting with the City's greatest Spas, Medi-Spas and multi-location franchises, Diane has managed hundreds of people and is a true joy to be around. Her fashion sense is evident and reflective of the showroom's collection. Diane is a believer in the Aligned Life in all it's values. She carefully balances a purposeful family of 6, seeks challenges in her career and loves her cottage life. She aims to ensure Align runs smoothly for an impeccable, seamless client experience.


Jonida Cecaj, Align Client Relations

The first person you will likely meet at Align is Jonida Cecaj, our Client Relations Associate. Holding a degree in International Relations, she worked in a parliamentary career in Albania, as well as volunteering with the philanthropic @georgesoros foundation. She travelled, explored and eventually adventured into Canada many years ago, pursuing a career in medical aesthetics and office management.
Her worldly experience is evident through her perspectives, skills, humbleness and compassion, among so many other qualities. She loves any opportunity to communicate with clients in Italian, her second language. She passionately cares about the health, enjoyment and well-being of her clients. More than her career, her pride and joy is her incredibly amazing and talented son, Tristan. We are a little understaffed right now so please excuse if she has a lot going on, but we are looking for a new addition to help her in her role.
Next time you're in clinic, she'll most likely be the one guiding you and she looks forward to hosting you!


Catherine Duong, Align Chiropodist

To focus on her patient-based interests, Catherine has devoted several hundred hours to volunteering in hospitals, community health centres, and eventually embarked on a non-profit medical brigade to a rural village in Honduras. This eye-opening experience gave her insight on the importance of lower-extremity health and the significant consequences of foot-related disorders. Having developed a passion in this healthcare niche, her volunteering experiences sparked an interest in what would evolve into a career in Chiropody.

Catherine has received an abundance of podiatric clinical training. She has interned at the Wound Care Centre at Women’s College Hospital, LAMP Community Health Centre, and the Michener Chiropody Clinic. These placements helped her gain invaluable expertise on dermatological, biomechanical, surgical, musculoskeletal, and geriatric care. Refining both her theoretical aptitude and practical skillset, she also received a scholarship by the College of Chiropodists of Ontario during her rotations. Since qualifying, she is strongly committed to continuing education and seeks to continually attend conferences to keep up with emerging podiatric developments. She aspires to become a dedicated activist in promoting foot health and hopes to expand access to podiatric care across Ontario. With a strong work ethic and desire to treat patients beyond their expectations, Catherine is excited to grow the momentum at Align - of making footcare a necessary health check for everyone.

Coming Soon, New Align Pedorthist