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Golf has been described as 'a good walk spoiled'. It doesn’t have to be that way!
Did you know that the right golf shoe and insole custom
made to your individual biomechanics, can help improve your golf game?

Golf Align Orthotics™ can facilitate better hip rotation, improve balance and stability,
increase club head swing speed, and help with accuracy.
Gain distance and enjoy your walk from tee to green without a tired back, hips or feet.

Let our Align Clinician who specializes in golf athletes 
help take your comfort and your game to the next level.

Benefits of Golf Align Orthotics™

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Watch as we hit the green with Eric and go over how our
Align Orthotics™ are different than other orthotics when it comes to golf

What goes into Golf Align Orthotics?

Each pair of Align Orthotics™ are made after a comprehensive 45-minute Body Align Assessment.
An Athletic Therapist, Strengh and Conditioning Specialist, Pedorthist does a deep-dive analysis
of your biomechanics, particularly during your golf swing. We identify specific areas to improve.
This is critical in crafting the perfect design. We determine they type of golf shoes that are ideal for you, and 3D laser scan these as well as your feet. Submillimeter contour data points are captured.
Using all of this information, your custom Align Orthotics™ are digitally designed and custom made specifically to improve your golf game.
While each design is unique to the individual, there are 5 key components
that remain consistent in our Golf Align Orthotics™.

A - Arch support: Support the foot and leg during the downswing while increasing sensory feedback to improve stability and balance.

B - Lateral Flange: Reinforced support to help the rearfoot
stay grounded and stabilized during the backswing, effectively minimizing
unnecessary sway. This feature also helps to effectively transfer kinetic
energy built up during the backswing into useable power during the downswing.

C - Deep Heel Cup:
Improves stability, balance and body alignment of the ankle, knees, hips and back.

D - Pivot Divot:  By creating a ‘pocket’ for your big toe joint to sit into, it allows the foot to properly flex and transfer weight effectively, improving the transition from impact to follow-through. (Typically, only on the trail foot Align Orthotic)

E - EucyProtec™ top cover: Infused with eucalyptus oil and silver ions, our Align Orthotics are highly breathable, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and odour resistant. 


1) Firm Heel Counter
In conjunction with a deep heel cup in your Align Orthotics, the firm heel counter controls the rearfoot for stability, balance, and improved body alignment. This is particularly important during the top of the backswing and at the follow-through.

2) Smart flex point
Ensuring the flexpoint of the golf shoe lines up exactly with the flexpoint in your foot results in an unrestricted follow through and improved balance, allowing for optimal swing mechanics.

3) Stiff shank
Keeps you grounded and controls foot movement. Provides the solid foundation for your entire skeletal system and offers a great medium for your Align Orthotics.

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