Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are orthotics a type of shoe, or insole, or something else?

A. Custom orthotics are medically prescribed insoles that can do anything from provide cushioning, to helping correct your body alignment, movement, treat and help prevent damage and pain. Align Orthotics™ are created after a thorough Body Align Assessment by an Align Clinician who has succeeded in our in-depth training to be an expert in biomechanics and foot health. Their designation may be a Chiropodist, Pedorthist, Athletic Therapist or Kinesiologist. They are trained to evaluate beyond the foot, see significant findings in slow motion video gait analysis, provide medical history analysis, hold the foot in a position they determine will be corrected to take a 3D scan and a provide an experiential tutorial on how to shop for shoes for the client's very specific and unique biomechanics. Chosen healthy footwear for each client is always 3D scanned. The medical assessment is critical to diagnosis, desired treatment outcomes and ultimately the design of the Align Orthotics™ medical insole device. The design is then created in CADCAM software, alongside the other structural and biomechanic scans taken. Through a 3D technology process it is milled from the highest quality EVA blocks we import from Germany, in the specific density required for medical needs. The Align Orthotics™ are then hand-finished by our Pedorthic team, layered with our premium hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, thermo-regulating, grippy EucyProtec top covers that contain eucalyptus oil and silver ions. Only then is the custom manufacturing complete. It is then necessary to present and explain the device to the client at their fitting appointment, wear them, evaluate if the intended biomechanic corrections have been made and how they impact the enitre body. Finally, the medical device can be dispensed. For foot nerds like us, it is a fun and exciting process. 


Q. Do I need orthotics or orthopedic shoes?

A. The reason you might think your treatment is either one or the other of these options, might be a result of the insurance information you have been provided with your health insurance coverage plan. Only a foot health medical professional can determine this for you. Please book your appointment to find out.


Q. Will my insurance pay for your services and products?

A. They may or may not provide some amount of coverage for our services and products. That all depends on what type of insurance plan you buy or are provided by your employer. While they will provide a list of items they will cover, the best way to fully understand if you are covered for any of the services we provide, is to phone them with this list of Insurance Coverage Questions.


Q. If my insurance coverage doesn't pay for everything, do I have to pay from my own pocket?

A. While as Canadians we have the benefit of OHIP for many basic medical services, insurance coverage is intended to help us with the rest. Investing in one's own health in a variety of ways, is an important and life-long pursuit, that the government can't fully take on for everyone. Align Clients who get the best results are proactive and health-minded.


Q. Your clinic looks fancy. Does this lessen the quality of medical care? Shouldn't quality medical care look more hospital-like? 

A. No. No it should not! We believe wellness is an important part of health. And we aim to provide you with a feeling of wellness from the moment you interact with us, and throughout your healthy, active life as an Align Client. In fact, we feel that going above and beyond excellence in the client's experience can only lead to better health outcomes. We don't even charge a premium to provide luxury care. We are passionate about health, and that's why we do it.


Q. Can I do my entire experience remotely?

A. While you of course cannot have dermatological treatments done virtually (we're not there yet with our NFT, nor would it provide you any medical benefit!) you certainly could have Align Orthotics™ made remotely. However you will never get the quality of assessment, fitting and adjustments needed remotely. This is why we only offer our 100% money-back Satisfaction Guarantee on the in-person experience. So book that flight! It just might be worth it to walk in complete comfort and style.


Q. Which appointment should I start with?

A. Our Holistic Foot Health Circuit begins with the Body Align Assessment (biomechanics focus, by an Align Clinician who is a licensed Kinesiologist, Pedorthist and or Athletic Therapist or Chiropodist, trained in our comprehensive process); 
The Align Footcare Assessment or the Alignluxe Foot Restoration Treatment which includes the assessment (dermatological, neurological focus, by an Align Clinician who is a licensed Chiropodist) is a first appointment in the Footcare Spa.