Claw, Hammer & Mallet Toes

Claw, hammer and mallet toes all relate to a contracture deformity of the toes.


The toes may appear crooked or bent, and can be associated with pain, tenderness and redness.


These structural deformities can occur from poor biomechanics, improperly structured footwear, improperly fitted footwear, and/or are hereditary in nature. They can also come about as a secondary complication to bunions.


Treatment is most commonly and effectively treated by a chiropodist (foot specialist) and with custom Align Orthotics and professionally fitted footwear. In extremely rare cases, surgery may be required. Through a careful assessment, one can be pre-screened prior to the development of these unattractive deformities to see if one is at risk due to footwear or gait biomechanics. Having your heels customized to the way you walk can have tremendous benefits.