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ao-lifetime-imgWHO NEEDS ONE?

A custom knee brace can provide relief and protection for osteoarthritits, meniscus injuries and ligament (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL) sprains. Knee pain can often be debilitating and an annoying injury that can affect one’s quality of life. In cases where a knee replacement or knee surgery is required, a custom knee brace can help with pain management and improving mobility leading up to the surgery, and improve your outcomes post surgery. Remember that a knee brace is only part of the solution for treating a knee injury – receiving appropriate physical therapy and having professionally fitted footwear can also provide tremendous relief.





A properly selected and well-fitted knee brace can provide pain relief, reduce stress, improve stability and protect the knee from further injury. An improperly fitted knee brace or incorrect brace however can result in further injury or provide false support.


A knee brace can provide relief and protection for osteoarthritits, meniscus injuries, patella femoral pain syndrome (PFPS), chondromalacia patella, other knee cap injuries, and ligament (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL) sprains. It is strongly advised that a health care professional provide direction on the best bracing option for your specific needs.

bracing-img-2ANKLE BRACES

Ankle braces can provide stability, prevent further injury, remove swelling and improve balance for many people. With such a vast selection of ankle braces available, choosing the right one that suits you requires an experienced clinician to evaluate your unique situation and provide guidance on what type of support is required.


Our experienced clinician’s at Align will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your ankle, knee or back at no charge to ensure we are supplying you with the best option for your specific situation. We will also provide guidance on other treatment options that you may have not considered, and even provide you with a home exercise and rehab program if applicable.

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