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Discover the Align Orthotics™ Difference

Step into your next set of custom fit Align Orthotics™. Do you have pain or just want to be proactive about your foot health? We understand and know how to optimize your walk, with both approaches.

About our Custom Fit Align Orthotics


Did you know that Align Orthotics™ are custom made to each Client? We don't have a templated approach.
Each is 100% custom fit your unique feet, to correct your very uniqe biomechanics
and importantly, in your favourite footwear.

Healthy & Antifungal

All Align Orthotics™ are premium and come with a EucyProtec topcover - an infusion of silver ions & eucalyptus oil.
This provides traction underfoot and makes them antifungal, antibacterial, sweat-proof and odour proof.

How We Custom Fit Your Align Orthotics™

In our proprietary Body Align Assessment, we deep-dive in an interactive, fun session with you, following 9 steps to find root causes of body alignment imbalances, from your feet, up.
The secret sauce is the quality of the Align Clinician's Body Align Assessment, 3D design processes and really understanding how it all comes together with yoru chosen healthy footwear.

Why Do I Need Them?

Simply put, everyone "stands" to benefit from a better insole - that has ability to change the effect and alignment
of your kinetic chain, or body alignment.

· Stand, walk, and move more effectively while reducing the risk of injury and wear and tear on the body
A simple solution to often complex problems Increase energy levels
· Effectively treat injuries in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back
(such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, sciatica, disc herniations, flat feet, etc.)
· Experience the amazing comfort of professionally fitted footwear
· Redistributes weight evenly throughout your feet
· Antibacterial & antifungal for healthy foot hygiene; thermoregulated, moisture-wicking to prevent sweaty feet

Patented Technology

We Do That, Too

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We Mean Custom

Each of our Align Orthotics™ are individually crafted using an artisan approach, based on 3 important factors; the unique biomechanics of the individual, the footwear, and the activity they will be used for.

Considering the minute, tenth-of-a-millimeter differences in each person's body biomechanics, the thousands of different types of footwear, the different activities people do in their shoes and the multitude of material and structural combinations that could be selected for your Align Orthotics™, no two people and no two pairs of Align Orthotics™ are exactly alike.

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