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The Align Difference


We want you to be empowered by the knowledge and experience gained through our proprietary medical assessment,
using advanced 3D technology – to master your own body’s unique biomechanics.
We want you to wear only custom-fit footwear that will help you walk stronger, feeling superior comfort and with better body alignment.


“…your choice of shoes is remarkable…it wasn’t hard at all to find what I wanted, the only difficulty was choosing which.”
Sally H.
“Really modern, forward thinking approach to the whole process of orthotics. Professional, friendly service that is first rate”
Calvin C.
“Incredible showroom with expert staff. A must visit in Mississauga for all footwear needs!”
Scott B.
“My experience with Darius and his team has been amazing. They have a beautiful office with state of the art equipment, and use the latest software to conduct gait analysis and diagnose issues. I have been very pleased with my experience and will highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with orthotics.”
Muddasir B.
“I have had foot pain for 20 years. Seen lots of Doctors and lots of orthotics that help but this is the best ever. They really care and but in the extra time to get it right. I have never felt so good. Not only that they have a fashionable shoe line to go along with the orthotics. Just because your feet hurt you don't want ugly shoes. Thank you so much for the great work.”
Morgan B.
“All round a great experience - a thorough examination and Darius was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain in detail each of the tests.”
Suzanne L.
“I came into Align and was treated with amazing service right from the start. The whole process was really smooth. My custom Align Orthotics are incredibly comfortable and were totally affordable. I would recommend Align to anyone and everyone!”
Patricia M.
“Really enjoyed my experience with Align. A very professional staff and great shoe selection.”
Kate O.
“Thank goodness for Darius!! Goodbye ugly shoes!!”
Patricia L.
“Align is a great store to get comfortable shoes for anything, and everything. They cater to all types of feet, whether you’re flat footed, or you have a high instep.”
“Best customer service I’ve ever encountered.It is rare to find a clinic to see such a passionate owner at work. Align provides the ideal concept of orthotics in my opinion; to allow fashion and orthotics coexist. They carry out this vision, and they do it well.”
En O.


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