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What on Earth is a “Loub Job”?

There’s nothing I love more than a pair of killer heels. They work wonders for my confidence, improve my slouchy posture, and dress up any outfit.

I’m not just talking any type of heels, though. Because of my measly, five-foot-two frame, I like height—and a lot of it.

My favourite pair of pumps, in fact, features a six-inch stiletto heel. Still, as much as I love these shoes, my feet become extremely uncomfortable after wearing them for extended periods of time.

You all know my type. I’m that girl who, at any and every formal event, always seems to end up barefoot on the dance floor, her heels abandoned in a corner somewhere. Yes, I am aware that this is extremely unsanitary, and yes, I do wish that my feet were more comfortable in my ridiculous shoes.

However, it has never crossed my mind to surgically enhance my feet in order to solve this problem.

Yes, there is an actual procedure used to combat high heel-related discomfort: the “Loub job”. Its cheeky title is derived from the last name of designer Christian Louboutin, whose costly, coveted shoes often feature heels that are taller than four inches. Louboutin himself, however, has nothing to do with this procedure, and does not endorse it: when questioned about the process, he stated that it’s “probably not a good idea”.

During a Loub job, the balls—and sometimes the heels or toe pads—of the patient’s feet are padded with collagen, dermal fillers, or fat via injection. The intended purpose of this cosmetic surgery is to give additional cushioning to the feet, which allows the patient to comfortably wear high heels for a longer period of time. The entire procedure can cost upwards of $500, and its results last for no more than six months.

Sounds simple, right? Wrong. The possible side effects of this surgery are not to be taken lightly. In some cases, fibrous nodules may form in the patient’s foot, which can become extremely painful. Also, post-operative infections may sometimes occur. In the worst-case scenario, these infections could spread through the lymph node and require amputation.

Thankfully, there is a less expensive, longer lasting, and much safer alternative to this surgery. This comes to heel lovers like myself in the form of Rockport’s Janae Pump ($188, Align Orthotics™—see image).

This gorgeous shoe features the revolutionary adiPRENE and adiPRENE+ technologies from Adidas. In the shoe’s heel, adiPRENE works as a shock-absorbent cushioning. In the forefront of the shoe, adiPRENE+ is used to cushion the ball of the foot, allowing for a responsive, dynamic push-off as the wearer walks. This allows for a conservation of the wearer’s energy, providing all-day comfort and walkability.

Additionally, this pump features a NanoGlide lining to reduce friction between the wearer’s foot and the shoe, breathable Polyethurane cushioning to increase moisture absorbency and odour resistance, and a rubber sole to provide durable grip and traction.

My favourite part about this particular shoe, however, is its heel height. Its four-inch heel allows wearers like myself to enjoy the stature they desire without all of the discomfort that comes with it.

Here at Align Orthotics™, we are also able to further increase the comfort and level of support that this shoe has to offer. Through our five-step process, we are able to assess problem areas with your body’s alignment. Then, with the creation of a custom orthotic, we can correct these areas and further support your feet in these elegant Rockport pumps.

So leave the Loub jobs for somebody else. Next time your sky-high heels are causing you foot pain, remember that there is a more comfortable, customizable, and chic option out there for you.

Corrina Mosca, Fashion Blogger

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