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Confessions of a Former Floppy UGG Lover

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a confession: I used to adore my floppy UGGs. While newer UGGs come in more structured style options, we all know the floppy ones I am talking about.

While I completely understand their status as a major fashion faux pas, I can’t seem to shake my love for their ugly-chic look and cozy interior. However, as someone who suffers from both bunions and bad knees, I have had to give them up in favour of more supportive—and, thankfully, fashion-forward—options.

Here’s why you should also avoid floppy UGGs—and similar slipper-style boots—this season:

  1. Not only are these glorified socks a fashion hazard: they are a threat to your foot health. Because UGGs have zero arch support, they force your ankles to roll inward as you walk. This leaves your arches unprotected, potentially causing them to drop—which, in medical terms, is “really, really bad.” Over time, this wreaks havoc on your heels and lower leg muscles, which can lead to plantar fasciitis and strained Achilles tendons.
  1. Wearing your floppy UGGs may negatively affect your gait. Because these boots don’t hold your foot securely in place as you move, your toes are forced to clutch at their sole for stability. This may cause the development of hammertoe, a serious, progressive condition that can become extremely painful without treatment.
  1. Floppy UGGs are essentially a ready-to-wear cesspool of bacteria. As it turns out, the cozy warmth that UGG wearers swear by is extremely detrimental to foot health. Because of their excellent ability to retain heat and moisture, these boots cause your feet to sweat profusely while wearing them. This itself may produce bacterial growth, leading to athlete’s foot and even dermatitis.

So, instead of falling prey to a case of the UGG-lies this season, pick winter boots that will offer your feet true support and warmth. My favourites? Align’s line of gorgeous cold weather footwear by Pajar. Rated to temperatures of minus 30 degrees Celsius, these Canadian-made boots will keep your feet both comfortable and seasonably stylish in the harsh winter weather.

Go on—ditch your UGGs. Your feet—and your fashion sense—will thank you. Mine certainly have.

Our picks:

Pajar’s Alice Boot. With their soft fur detailing and tumbled leather uppers, these boots are the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe.

Pajar’s Lonestar Boot. Synthetic fur linings and gum rubber soles make these trainer-inspired boots both fashionable and functional. Pair with a tailored winter jacket for a trendy cold-weather outfit.

 Corrina Mosca, Fashion Blogger

Photo credit: The Daily Edge

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