Fashion footwear curated for health

Each style is chosen by seasonal fashion trend, sustainability, and durability of materials (fast fashion shoes wear down quickly and unevenly because they don't fit or support you properly). They then must pass our 'A03 Criteria' for structure that will make them improve your foot posture and be effectively custom fit to improve your body alignment and thus revolutionize the way you move in your shoes.

Demand your life to be healthy, while enjoying your personal aesthetic.
The Align Designer Showroom collection is approved by the Align Clinician medical foot health team + our savvy fashion buyers. We are the only clinic to purvey coveted fashion brands including a carefully curated, healthy selection of this season's hottest styles from  Ted Baker, Bugatti, and Michael Kors and bringing you super on-trend euro styles such as ON, Camper as Asportuguesas.

Custom-fit to your unique biomechanics

Book a consult or Body Align Assessment to learn your own, unique biomechanics so we can help you apply this new knowledge to choosing the right pair for you. Align custom-fit your shoes to correct your body alignment and take your comfort & swagger to the next level.

396 products

396 products