Align Orthotics™ are a revolutionary device for your favourite footwear
      that are guaranteed to provide relieving comfort,
      correct your body alignment and improve your posture.

      The space between your foot and your shoe; it's an intimate relationship.
      You are the cause, it is the effect. You move, it accommodates. your feet are squished into a fashion item that you have given the great, technical task
      of being the foundation that supports and moves your entire body.
      But have your shoes been designed for this purpose?
      Shoe and orthotic insole designers alike have tried their best to get you the perfect fit. However, even the comfiest designed shoes are not customized to correct your unique body alignment; and many orthotics are not truly custom nor custom fit perfectly to provide relief.
      And many can only be fit for clunky orthopedic shoes, not the ones you actually want to wear.
      Align Custom Fit Footwear fills this gap in more ways than one. 

      The craft begins with a most analytical evaluation process to determine your biomechanical and footwear needs, taking up to 3 scans with sub-millimetre accuracy infrared laser technology. 

      After the client's Body Align Assessment, the Align Clinician spends considerable time determining exactly what outcomes are desired and how to achieve them with the custom Align Orthotics™ design. 

      We import our hypoallergenic EVA from Germany's top provider. Digital designs are perfected in CadCam software by a team of pedorthists before being CNC milled with a robotic arm with a fine precision.  It is hand finished, checked for quality control and functionality of design.
      It is then applied with a top cover which is infused with eucalyptus oil and silver ions to provide it with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, odour-free, sweat proof technology. You can even notice the faint scent of eucalyptus on each, fresh pair. 
      • Custom Made
      • Custom Fit to your chosen footwear
      • Made in Canada
      • EucyProtec™ Topcover - anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, odour absorbing, fresh, natural eucalyptus scent
      • Pitch Perfect™ patent pending custom Align Orthotics™ for high heels


      Align Orthotics™ are the most effective orthotic available to improve total body alignment, encourage a biomechanically efficient gait (walking pattern) and ultimately, to enhance overall comfort. We use a proprietary assessment process and technology that can pinpoint your unique biomechanical traits, allowing us to design a truly custom Align Orthotic™. We use hand-selected, slim-line materials, to correct your unique body alignment imbalances. And because we are not just experts in orthotics, but also in footwear structure as well as fashion, we are able to custom-fit you into the latest trends of designer footwear.


      Each of our Align Orthotics™ are individually crafted using an artisan approach, based on 3 important factors; the unique biomechanical traits of the individual, the structure of the footwear and the activity they will be used for. At Align, there is no such thing as a "sport orthotic" or "dress orthotic". For example, a 300 lbs flat-footed individual that requires foot posture correction for dress shoes cannot possibly require the same materials that a 120 lbs high-arched individual who also requires foot posture correction for dress shoes. Considering the minute, tenth-of-a-millimeter differences in each person's body biomechanics, the thousands of different structure types of footwear, the different activities people do in their shoes and themultitude of material and structural combinations that could be selected for your Align Orthotics™, no two people and no two pairs of Align Orthotics™ are exactly alike.


      Align Orthotics™ are made with the highest quality, lightweight and durable materials. Using EVA— similar to those used in aerospace engineering — our premium materials provide the ideal combination of support and comfort. Each of our orthotics can be made from 5 to 25 different materials, each hand-selected and combined to achieve an intended outcome. With our vast selection of materials, advanced technology and comprehensive body alignment assessment, we are able to custom fit almost any type of footwear.


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        - either in person or virtual.

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        • Digitally Designed By Canadian Certified Pedorthists through a comprehensive, proprietary 5-step medical and high-tech Body Align Assessment 

        • Digitally remastered including 3D imaging of your favourite footwear that we have helped you determine is right for your body alignment. 

        • Pitch Perfects™ patent pending high heel design is renowned for being custom-fittable to make designer footwear and high heels more comfortable

        • German engineered, Canadian made

        • 3D modeled through advanced technology for ultimate, sub-millimeter precision and accuracy

        • Custom made to correct your unique body alignment, so no two pairs are exactly alike

        • Corrects your body alignment, sand and walk longer, increase energy levels, improve posture, increase comfort in feet, knees and back, protect from future injuries

        • Redistributes weight evenly throughout your foot

        • Full EVA for ultimate shock absorption

        • Soft on feet to correct your biomechanics but still feel amazing

        • Finished with our proprietary EucyProtec™ super fabric that is embedded with Silver Ions and Natural, Eucalyptus Oil

        • Moisture-wicking for total dryness

        • Antibacterial, anti-fungal for cleanliness and protection

        • Thermoregulated to prevent sweaty feet

        • Scented, odour resistant for ultimate freshness

        Don't your feet deserve Align custom fit footwear? 

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          10 products