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Align Orthotics Casual Women

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Likely in your casual shoes, you're doing a lot of standing and limited walking. Do you know what are the needs of your body when you are standing and sitting for long periods? Do your legs tire and become sore? Do your feet hurt? This is likely different than the way your body moves in your runners, dress shoes or hikers, for example. When we analyze your static, standing body alignment on our catwalk are looking for such things as leg length discrepancies, shift in body weight and alignment. We determine how we can design custom Align Orthotics™ to minimize the damage to your body of even your most focused standing posture. We provide functional movement guidance. Once we work with you to determine your best house shoe for your body, that pair is 3D scanned and used to design your Align Orthotics™ - with all it's corrections - digitally in CadCam. A robotic arm then carves it out of a German-imported block of high quality, hypoallergenic EVA. Your Align Orthotics are then hand-finished, applied with a EucyProtec™ top cover that is infused with eucalyptus oil and silver ions - making it anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and sweat/odour resistant. When inserted into your house shoe footwear it is an exact fit. Get ready for a whole new level of structure and comfort that this improved alignment will give you!

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