Bugatti Refito are Euro styled and hand-stained in India. Though this Bugatti model has a fixed insole, Align Clinicians can custom fit this with Align Orthotics to correct your body alignment. The beautiful last gives a nice fit and is very comfortable. Style these neat men’s shoes with a suit or wear them with jeans slightly tucked in for a sexy, rebel look!


Receive 25% off when you custom-fit this pair with Align Orthotics.


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ideal for
At the office
At the office
Making an impression with your coworkers, and getting you that promotion.
Commuter Comfort
Commuter comfort
Getting in and out of the city every day, in commuter comfort.
He knows style
Versatile style
Versatile style
Being versatile. Cruising without a care, or dressing to impress, all in the same day.
Weekend strolls
Weekend strolls
Stepping out with friends or family for a casual weekend stroll around the neighbourhood.