We are excited about custom-fitting this shoe. For all the perfect, classic, black pumps we have scoured the world to source, Align fashion curators were surprised to realize THIS PAIR IS THE WINNER. It really could not be better designed. A rubber, non-slip outsole on a sexy high-heel shoe? Perfect. And thank you. The .5 inch platform midsole and sturdy yet carved heel lets you walk 3 inches taller. With the help of your Align Orthotics redistributing your weight off your forefoot and into your recessed heel-cup your posture will speak for itself. Oh and did we mention this shoe is available in all widths, including double-wide?  With Align’s EucyProtec topcover, it is also antimicrobial, antifungal and odour-absorbing.

Every woman needs this item in their wardrobe.

Receive 25% off when you custom-fit this pair with Align Orthotics.

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ideal for
At the office
At the office
Making an impression with your coworkers, and getting you that promotion.
Night on the town
Night on the town
Dancing the night away at cocktail parties or looking fab at that evening business dinner.
Weekend strolls
Weekend strolls
Stepping out with friends or family for a casual weekend stroll around the neighbourhood.