Similar in structure to the Michelle pump, but without the platform, the Kinsley is the MOST COMFORTABLE ‘NOTHING SHOE’ we could source. And we have been trying on and walking around in the nothing shoe trend to test it out for you for years. The Kinsley features a non-slip, rubber sole, almost 3.5 inches in height with a slim ankle strap. Custom fit these with an Align Orthotic and be amazed in your weight re-shifting to ease pressure off the forefoot and bunion area, provide cushioning and shock absorption, supporting your arch and stabilizing your little toesies! We recommend the wide sizing to allow for improved custom fitting. Every woman needs a pair of these custom-fit, understated yet statement-making heel in their summer wardrobe.

Receive 25% off this stunning pair when you are custom-fitting with Align Orthotics.

Our Pedorthists foresee this style as best for custom-fitting those with a neutral or high arch foot more than for those with flexible or rigid flat foot. In your Body Align Assessment you will discover if these shoes are right for your unique biomechanics.

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ideal for
At the office
At the office
Making an impression with your coworkers, and getting you that promotion.
Night on the town
Night on the town
Dancing the night away at cocktail parties or looking fab at that evening business dinner.
Versatile style
Versatile style
Being versatile. Cruising without a care, or dressing to impress, all in the same day.