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Gerda Platin Croste



Align CFF’s line up of custom-fittable sandals couldn’t be any more perfect in correcting your body alignment, comforting your feet and keeping you literally cool.
In Align curators’s search for sandal structure that has a removable footbed for easy pop-in of your Align Orthotic the Spring Summer 2018 collection nails it. Our line-up of summer sandals offer the ultimate in cushioning, correction and style! Many of our clients wear our sandals as their summer indoor shoe, as well as having a go-to pair for outdoors.
Featuring an air-cushioned sole, allowing for optimal shock absorption, your soft, structured Align Orthotics will make this style far better. All-around padding makes the bella especially soft and comfortable. Your Align Clinician will recommend this style as suitable for all foot types as well as wide, flat feet. With Align’s EucyProtec topcover, it is also antimicrobial, antifungal and odour-absorbing. This wardrobe item pairs easily with really just about any casual outfit. We think these Euro styles are worthy of just going ahead and planning a walking trip through Europe just to show off your style and ease of comfort.
Receive 25% off when you custom-fit this pair with Align Orthotics.
Book your assessment now and come discover if these shoes are right for your unique biomechanics.
ideal for
Casual style
Casual style
Stepping out in style, whether in the backyard or the boardroom.
Commuter Comfort
Commuter comfort
Getting in and out of the city every day, in commuter comfort.
Lounging around
Lounging around
Getting lazy on a weekend afternoon or just simply for lounging around.
Weekend strolls
Weekend strolls
Stepping out with friends or family for a casual weekend stroll around the neighbourhood.

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