Conte Light

Men Shoes


Bugatti shoes always follow today’s Euro fashion trends, are made with quality materials and exude elegance. The Conte Light done in trendy royal blue with a hand-stained cognac heel accent, is modern take on the casual mens dress shoe. This style offers comfort technologies such as shock absorption, thermal regulation, ultra lightweight materials, and flexibility, which pairs perfectly when custom-fitting with Align Orthotics.  With Align’s EucyProtec topcover, it is also antimicrobial, antifungal and odour-absorbing.

Receive 25% off when you custom-fit this pair with Align Orthotics.

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ideal for
At the office
At the office
Making an impression with your coworkers, and getting you that promotion.
Casual style
Casual style
Stepping out in style, whether in the backyard or the boardroom.
Commuter Comfort
Commuter comfort
Getting in and out of the city every day, in commuter comfort.
Versatile style
Versatile style
Being versatile. Cruising without a care, or dressing to impress, all in the same day.
Weekend strolls
Weekend strolls
Stepping out with friends or family for a casual weekend stroll around the neighbourhood.