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Clarks is renowned for comfort and British styling worthy of the Royals. A rubber wedge heel sets the stage for the undeniable bounce and cushiony comfort. Cloudsteppers™ shoes are distinguished by an advanced technology that is flexible and lightweight. It’s a style you can wear all day long. Perforations in the uppers allows air to move and feet to breath.  With Align’s EucyProtec topcover, it is also antimicrobial, antifungal and odour-absorbing.  With the help of your Align Orthotics redistributing your weight off your forefoot and into your recessed heel-cup your posture will speak for itself. Even if you’re not interested in this shoe, when you’re in the clinic, you must try it on. It is ridiculously comfortable. But you won’t know the comfortable we can really take this to, until we digitally remaster it with your Align Orthotic design to correct your body alignment!

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ideal for
At the office
At the office
Making an impression with your coworkers, and getting you that promotion.
Casual style
Casual style
Stepping out in style, whether in the backyard or the boardroom.
Versatile style
Versatile style
Being versatile. Cruising without a care, or dressing to impress, all in the same day.