New Technology For Even Better Comfort 

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As an Align client, you know that Align is always innovating and working on the newest technologies. Since our inception in 2013, we have advanced our laser scanning technology 3 times, with the most recent advancement improving our success tremendously. Our laser scanning hardware and software is amongst the most advanced in the world.

3D Scan your feet and shoes

to digitally model the perfect pair.

Using the newest technology in the world from the latest advances in Germany, your Body Alignment Assessment by Pedorthists trained in the Align 5-Step process now also digitizes 3 distinctly different scans to provide improved accuracy in the fit of your custom fit footwear. We complete a 3D laser scan of your feet in a subtalar neutral, non-weight bearing, corrected position of your unique body alignment. Then a full weight-bearing scan of your feet is completed in your compromised position to compare to the previous “corrected posture” scan, and finally, a 3D scan of the footwear you are custom fitting, is completed. Your Align Orthotic is designed using these scans in addition to the highly technical prescription from the Align Clinician who completed your whole-body biomechanical analysis. The four components are then digitally remastered simultaneously to design your perfect fit. Through a brand new manufacturing process, our team of Pedorthic technicians can now make your Align Orthotics faster and with a precision that’s only possible with this improved 3D digital technology and modeling software, resulting in a superiorly consistent, accurate and effective product. Visit the clinic to find out more or email us to book your next cost-free re-assessment and get your next pair made to experience the benefits for yourself.

3D model

3D Modelled and Printed

Our new Align Orthotics are 3D designed and modelled to print one block of soft, dense material, instead of multiple materials glued together by hand.

A variety of different materials, modifications, and densities result in endless solutions where each and every Align Orthotic is uniquely made to correct each client’s unique biomechanics, for the specific function of their unique footwear.


High Heels Never Felt So Comfortable

With our newest technology, our proprietary high heel Align Orthotics have been redeveloped with new features and an unparalleled, improved fit.

Align Orthotics are truly a game-changer in wearing high heels.

Redistribute your weight evenly in your pumps and take the pressure off your bunions, stop your foot from sliding forward prop and support your arch, splay your toes and correct your posture. If you’ve never experienced this assessment, custom creation and fitting by an Align Pedorthist, you’ve never experienced anything like this before.

Shop our Women’s collection or bring in your own pumps to your Body Align Assessment for our evaluation.

We will custom-fit them to improve your walking power, comfort and posture.

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by Align Custom Fit Footwear

As Founder, President and Head Clinician, Darius is the key visionary for Align Custom Fit Footwear. Darius Dinshaw began his journey into health care field with a B.Sc (hons.) in Kinesiology at York University. Concurrently he joined York's Athletic Therapy Certificate program and has been a practicing Athletic Therapist [CAT(C)] for the past 9 years. Darius continued his education with a focus on strength training as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist [CSCS]. Darius pursued further education to become a Canadian Certified Pedorthist [C.Ped(C)]; specializing in the field of orthotics and biomechanics, while managing a private orthotic clinic. Continually taking educational courses to keep ahead of cutting edge research in his field, he is constantly improving himself as a health care clinician. With his extensive health care experience and passion for fashion, Darius is determined to change the footwear industry forever.