My insurance benefits are expiring

Why do employers provide employees with health insurance benefits?

If you are fortunate to work for an employer that provides health insurance benefits, consider yourself privileged. Even if the benefits are mediocre, they are still very valuable. There have been numerous studies showing that healthy employees perform better in the workplace, enjoy their career more, and often take less time away from work for health illnesses.

Proactive and preventative healthcare is becoming more important and valued in recent years. The population has fingertip access to relevant health information and therefore understand the vast benefits of living a healthy life. People are eating healthier, exercising more frequently, and visiting their trusted health care providers more routinely for maintenance. If you visit the dentist for a cleaning and check-up, enjoy a massage from an RMT (registered massage therapist), or visit your local Pedorthist for a foot health check-up – these are all proactive measures to easily look after your health. Best part is, your health insurance benefits will typically cover some or all of this expense.

Just like visiting a dentist for an oral evaluation, visiting a Pedorthist, Chiropodist or Podiatrist for a foot health check-up should be a semi-annual occurrence. At Align, we go beyond that. Our renowned Body Align Assessment evaluates total body alignment: including static posture, dynamic gait, and an array of other human movement behaviour; not to mention our comprehensive evaluation of your shoe closet! If you are an athlete, find out how efficiently you’re moving and if you’re at risk for injury with our experienced Athletic Therapist, Pedorthist, and Strength & Conditioning specialist. If you experience mobility challenges, come visit our Pedorthist who is also an orthotist & prosthetic technician; he will provide astounding innovative solutions to improve mobility. Ever consider our medical pedicure? Our Chiropodist will evaluate nail health, skin health, neurological and vascular health all related to your feet!

Did you know that your footwear could be a contributing factor in damaging your foot, knee, hip or back health? Understand what characteristics of footwear are important to your unique body. How can certain shoes help improve posture and body alignment while other negatively contribute to it? Want to ensure your children are walking in correct footwear and they are developing as expected, come book a complimentary body align assessment for children under the age of 12, it’s free at Align.

Did you know medical grade compression socks come in a variety of fashionable styles that are also extremely comfortable? They can make a dramatic improvement on overall leg health, including reducing the risk of blood clots. They are enjoyed most by individuals with desk jobs resulting in long periods of sitting, those that stand for extensive periods of time, those that travel for work – including driving, and even for active individuals. A professional fitter can make all the difference in recommending the best model for you. It also helps to be professionally fit. The higher quality medical grade compression socks come in extensive sizing, some styles with more than 14 different sizes. The more sizing available to fit the population, the more effective the compression stockings. Contact Align to learn more about our selection we import from across the globe.

Your employer provides you with health insurance benefits to proactively take care of your health. Use them annually before they expire. However, be cautious of fraudulent practices that offer generous incentives or non-medical related products in exchange for abusing your health insurance. Those benefits are to take care of your health, and your family’s. Insurance fraud can result in dire consequences, including fines, loss of employment, loss of benefits, and even a mandatory requirement to pay back the fraudulent expenses.

If you’re not currently proactive about your health, it’s a great time to start. The new year is not far away, so start a resolution early; start with healthy feet!


by Align Custom Fit Footwear

As Founder, President and Head Clinician, Darius is the key visionary for Align Custom Fit Footwear. Darius Dinshaw began his journey into health care field with a B.Sc (hons.) in Kinesiology at York University. Concurrently he joined York's Athletic Therapy Certificate program and has been a practicing Athletic Therapist [CAT(C)] for the past 9 years. Darius continued his education with a focus on strength training as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist [CSCS]. Darius pursued further education to become a Canadian Certified Pedorthist [C.Ped(C)]; specializing in the field of orthotics and biomechanics, while managing a private orthotic clinic. Continually taking educational courses to keep ahead of cutting edge research in his field, he is constantly improving himself as a health care clinician. With his extensive health care experience and passion for fashion, Darius is determined to change the footwear industry forever.