Your Alignluxe Experience


Align Footcare Assessment

An in-depth consultation with the Align Chiropodist, with patient education at the forefront and providing advice to determine what issues may be present to be treated at following appointments. We treat foot concerns such as athlete’s foot, blisters, corns, hard skin, chilblains, gout, in-grown toenails, verrucaes, sweaty feet and arthritis, as well as routine diabetic and geriatric foot care, surgical procedures. Full medical history will be discussed. Treatment will ease pain and promote wellness. Includes Footcare Beautification and all routine care treatment.


Align Express Footcare Beautification

The 30-minute dry treatment is perfect for busy locals when time constraints don’t allow for the full Alignluxe Foot Restoration treatment. Includes foot health assessment, treatment, hot towel rub and moisturizer.


Alignluxe Foot Restoration

Our signature service, this 60-minute Chiropody treatment focuses on offering a clean and safe spa-style pampering in a professional, sterile environment. This dry technique cleanses with an anti-bacterial towel rub with essential oils on the whole foot from toenails to heels. Nails are cut and cleared. Full debridement of hard skin, with removal of corns if required and superficial skin via a diamond bit. Foot mobilization massage relaxes and awakens the foot musculature to encourage proper joint function. Cream and oil are massaged into the feet to nourish and revive. Includes anti-fungal nail polish and application if desired. Patients feet will be healthy, smooth and hygienic for weeks.


Nail, Corn and Callus Care

Nail care is ideal for those with sore top corners of their toenails, ingrown nails, thick nails and even fungal infections, such as tinea pedis or ‘athlete’s foot’. Nails are professionally cut to prevent ingrown toenails and further infections and fungal testing. The most common foot complaint, corns, appear on many areas of the foot and can be very painful. Align Chiropody specialises in educating on what a corn is and how it happens. Treatment provides instant, pain-free relief.


Nail, Tendon & Joint, Soft Tissue and Injections

Including avulsion, excision – partial nail and matrisectomy, onychoplasty and matrix – hallux. Soft tissue surgery involves a bursa drainage procedure. We help with foot pain, anhidrosis (dry skin), fissures, hyperhidrosis (sweaty feet), toe deformities and cover tenotomy, tendon lengthening, capsulotomy.


Clients will be rescheduled for routine care every 4-8 weeks.


Reflexology and Massage

Improve blood circulation, relieve tension and
promote wellness with this ancient method.
30, 45 & 60 minute treatments