Headed to the Airport? Keep your Sanity and Style Intact with these Travel Hacks

If you’re lucky enough to shrug off this year’s winter blues with a well-deserved vacation, you’ll obviously want to have a painless and stress-free flight. And how can that possibly happen if you have aching, uncomfortable feet?

The answer: travel shoes. Or as I like to call them, “Scream Preventers”. I find that these especially come in handy at the airport, a setting that I find to be both emotionally testing and physically demanding. This environment—where the screeching of babies and endless queues never seem to cease and desist—tends to bring out the worst in me. And, of course, this ordeal is only made worse by aching feet. Thus, to help prevent myself from lashing out at those around me, I have found myself the perfect travel footwear to keep me comfortable and happy in the airport’s abundance of wait lines.

When choosing a pair of your own Scream Preventers, first consider a style that will remain comfortable even after long periods of wear, as airports themselves are typically quite large and usually demand a lot of walking and standing from flyers. For those reasons, you will require a shoe that is both supportive and lightweight in order to keep you relaxed—and, let’s be honest, sane—before your flight. Also, you will want to consider a slip-on shoe in order to minimize hassle at security; no one wants to be the guy to hold up a line of grumpy strangers because he can’t tie his shoes quickly.

Moreover, because the airport is a public space, you may want to pick Scream Preventers that are also fashionable. I, myself, tend to battle what I like to call the “plane frumps”—which consist of self-induced, comfort-based unattractiveness—each time I travel, which never fails to put me into an absolutely awful mood.

With these factors in mind, the selection of boating shoes and loafers from Sperry Top Sider make for perfect travel footwear. These slip-on shoes come in a variety of colours and materials for both sexes, and sport a trendy style that can be dressed up or down, making them a great antidote for the dreaded plane frumps. They are also very lightweight and comfortable, making them extremely practical for long days at the airport.

Moreover, wearing a pair of compression socks along with your Scream Preventers can make your actual flight much more enjoyable. They can drastically increase your comfort level, helping to relieve both post-flight sluggishness and swelling in your legs and feet by improving blood flow and circulation to these areas. And, while traditional compression wear is quite unsightly, a variety of trendy colours and styles (including socks, stockings, thigh-highs and pantyhose) are now available from Mediven. Their line of smart and sexy compression wear is sure to banish both the plane frumps and the discomfort that invariably occurs after a long flight, helping to keep you stylish and sane.

So, before you fly, make sure your feet are truly prepared! Traveling with the right footwear can help you to disembark from the airplane with your classiness, comfort, and sanity still intact, making for a stress-free beginning to your vacation.


– Corrina Mosca

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by Corrina Mosca

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