women's loafers
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Spring Summer 2020
Healthy Footwear Collection to Custom Fit with Align Orthotics™
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The only collection of it's kind.
Align's unique collection is curated so that each footwear style
is chosen by fashion trend, sustainability and durability of materials (fast fashion shoes wear down quickly and unevenly because they don't fit you properly). They then must pass our A03 Criteria for structural quality and ability to be custom fit.

Shoes that protect and heal your body.
Poorly fitting shoes don't just create waste. They can damage your entire body's kinetic chain, including your feet, knees and back. But which shoes in the collection are specifically right for you? What's good for one person could be damaging to another.

The final step is all about you.
Book an online video consult to learn your own, unique biomechanics so we can help you apply this new knowledge to choosing the right pair for you. Custom fit your shoes to correct your body alignment and take your comfort & swagger to the next level.

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