Three pairs of shoes every woman should own

Classic Shoe Styles 3 Women Clarks DalhartSorbet

Brace yourselves, ladies – autumn is almost upon us. While the changing of the leaves and the arrival of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes will give you something to look forward to this season, the changing footwear styles certainly may not; at these transitory times of the year, many trend-focused fashionistas are left feeling confused, overwhelmed, […]

Three pairs of shoes every man should own

Classic Shoe Styles 5 Mens Lacoste Alisos

Okay, guys, let’s be real—I know many of you out there keep a “shoe crypt” in your house. Filled with out-of-date dress shoes, smelly old trainers, and mandals galore, this place—usually some unlucky closet—is where trendy footwear goes to die. I’m here to tell you that this tomb for lifeless footwear doesn’t have to exist; […]

Why I’m Learning to Loathe Flip-Flops

Why I’m Learning to Loathe Flip-Flops

Okay, I’ll confess: I’ve always liked flip-flops. I think that part of this stems from my inability to wear them as a kid. My parents believed in practical footwear, and because of this, I spent most of my childhood in a pair of thick-soled, supportive sandals with powder blue straps. As a result, anyone who […]

Sacrificing Style for Comfort: The Conundrum of Crocs

Adored by some and loathed by many, Crocs are known as some of the most controversial shoes to exist in footwear history. Originally designed in 2002 as boating shoes, their creators never intended for them to become the pop culture phenomena that they did. Their slow rise to infamy began when labourers everywhere started to […]

Do Real Men Really Wear Mandals?

We are all aware of the strange footwear trends that circulate the fashion world. For example, Alexander McQueen’s “Armadillo” shoes—which featured a whopping 10-inch heel—took the fashion industry by storm in 2010. These ridiculous shoes, which caused their wearer to appear as though they had strange, rhinestoned hooves, were so hard to walk in that […]

Headed to the Airport? Keep your Sanity and Style Intact with these Travel Hacks

If you’re lucky enough to shrug off this year’s winter blues with a well-deserved vacation, you’ll obviously want to have a painless and stress-free flight. And how can that possibly happen if you have aching, uncomfortable feet? The answer: travel shoes. Or as I like to call them, “Scream Preventers”. I find that these especially […]

Why all these new “so-called” comfortable high heel companies don’t work

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Our One Last Kick At Winter SALE is on now!

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If you’re in need of some last-minute winter footwear, come and see us in-store for our annual “One Last Kick at Winter” sale! We have a great selection of designer fall/winter boots available for up to 60% off. And, if you’re looking for some more heavy-duty—but still stylish—winter footwear, all of our Pajar brand boots are […]