New Technology For Even Better Comfort 

Tab 3 Darius Head Shot

As an Align client, you know that Align is always innovating and working on the newest technologies. Since our inception in 2013, we have advanced our laser scanning technology 3 times, with the most recent advancement improving our success tremendously. Our laser scanning hardware and software is amongst the most advanced in the world. 3D Scan […]

Insurance-Covered Orthotics? Get the Most Out of Your Plan

Lacoste shoes

Did you know that if you have private health insurance, corrective footwear like custom orthotics are likely covered under your plan? Whether your employer provides benefits under your group insurance plan or you pay for it privately, you may have more coverage than you think. If you need compression socks or custom orthotics, you will […]

How to wear flip flops without damaging your feet

AlignSpring Bella II in Denim

As we just pass the middle point of summer, this is when I typically start to see an influx of clients come in with heel pain, commonly known as plantar fasciitis. Whether you are hiking the Bruce Trail in beautiful Burlington and Milton, or walking the streets of downtown Toronto, commuting on the GoTrain from […]

Top 5 reasons to reserve your Body Align Assessment appointment now

Get in on the world’s most advanced technology with 0.5 mm accurate laser scanning and 3D-modelled printing for your superior, accurate and effective Align Orthotic Entirely new manufacturing process produces lighter and more comfortable materials Faster delivery. Get a new pair of custom fit footwear in just 10 days Free re-assessment of your body alignment ensures your postural goals remain in check Pick up […]

3 Daily Exercises for Healthy Feet

foot strengthening

During his time in the Colombian army, Align Pedorthist Carlos learned exercises that focus on using one’s own body for strength training. Here are 3 easy, simple foot strengthening exercises to try now while you are reading this! Seriously… the first one you can do sitting down 🙂 1. Expand your toes and hold 5 […]

Three pairs of shoes every woman should own

Classic Shoe Styles 3 Women Clarks DalhartSorbet

Brace yourselves, ladies – autumn is almost upon us. While the changing of the leaves and the arrival of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes will give you something to look forward to this season, the changing footwear styles certainly may not; at these transitory times of the year, many trend-focused fashionistas are left feeling confused, overwhelmed, […]